Eemu Masale – Successful spice brand from father to daughter’s leadership.

Hard work always pays you off. But it’s just the relentless efforts with perseverance that any success asks you to devote. Any business which has grown to be a giant now was once started small. If you’re visionary and your passion to make your business big, you surely win in that. The brand you build may not become a super hit overnight. But if your product is good and adds value to people’s lives, then surely people push you towards success. Jyoti Garg proves with her successful brand Eemu Masale.

Eemu Masale is one such brand which has been talked about in every kitchen today. The recipe brand, though it has its origin 70 years ago, has been rebranded very recently and is doing so well in the market. Its different flavoured products are winning hearts of every food lover across India. But as every business has, this Eemu masala also has a big story behind its inception. Jyoti Garg with her husband and son has founded Akkopinaki India Pvt Ltd, which is the father company of Eemu Masala brand.

It’s a talk from 1950. Prakash Chand, father of Jyoti used to work in his farmland in Pitampura, Azadpur region of North Delhi. Being from a poor family, their field was the only source of their income. He had started working in the field from the age of fourteen.

But as every middle-class family has, financial problems were not an exception for his family too. These started to grow bigger when their family had to lose their farming land as the government acquired it for the city development. His family is as big as the family of 11 members. Making ends meet was the daily challenge.

But Prakash didn’t lose hope and started a small chakki behind his kutcha house. He thought of earning the income to lead the family through that. Because spices were not a complex thing for him as the knowledge of spices was imparted to him through generations by his father who was also  an Ayurvedic doctor. So, he had a fair knowledge about them. He believed in his business and started working day in and day out to grow that. Because he didn’t want his family to face financial problems.

Slowly his business started gaining traction. His chakkis were getting popular in their region. Not only the household people were his customers but also the local food chains were using his spices. His business brought him popularity. Even people from Himachal Pradesh and Jammu-Kashmir started buying spices from him.

Just word of mouth was his major marketing aspect. So daily new customers were getting added to his business. Though his business was growing, he never thought of expanding his business. Because back then he didn’t have such intentions.

With that small business only, he worked so hard that he built a successful life for his 4 daughters and sent them married to well settled families. His 3 sons also excelled so well in their field and took their own path.

Prakash’s 3rd daughter, Jyoti was married to Anil Garg, a businessman in New Delhi. Initially she was just working in her husband’s business. But, after her father’s death due to Covid-19, very recently, she launched her fathers spices under the brand Eemu Masale and gave a different touch to that. Though she had their own business with her husband, she decided to follow the legacy that her father had created.

Jyoti is 49 years old now. But enthusiasm is never out of age. She rebranded and established the company called Akkopinaki India Pvt Ltd and gave a brand name called Eemu. Her elder son Ankit Garg, who is also the co-founder of their company is looking after the operations of Eemu Masale. He is pursuing MBA from IIT Delhi. Mr. Anil Garg supported his wife and started working in Eemu Masala full time. He developed the core packaging of the 200 products and worked day and night to build the company what it is today.

With the help of her son, she started reaching her brand to every corner of the country. They have formed many best-selling products like Eemu Pindi Chola/Chana Masala, Shahi Paneer Masala, Veg Biryani Masala, Chicken Biryani Masala, Fish Masala and others. With that Eemu Masale has become the household name of every Indian.

From acquiring the local markets in Delhi to supplying their products across the country, Eemu Masale is successful to position themselves in the market in just 4 months after their rebranding.

Reaching Indian spice items to every Indian home is their goal, which they’re targeting to reach soon.

Their flagship products are available online at all the leading ecommerce sites.

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