CS Rangarajan of Chilkur Balaji Applauds ‘The Kingdom of God’ by Niranjan Mudholkar

In a series of tweets, the High Priest of the Chilkur Balaji Temple has appreciated Niranjan Mudholkar’s debut novel, ‘The Kingdom of God’. Using twitter to express his appreciation, Shri C S Rangarajan has said that “Even though (the) book “The Kingdom of God” is historic(al) fiction novel it has been written with devotion.”

Very rarely does it happen that someone as exalted as Shri CS Rangarajan, the high priest of the Chilkur Balaji Temple of Telangana, takes to microblogging and social networking service Twitter to express his appreciation for a debut novel. That is exactly what has happened with ‘The Kingdom of God’, the first novel written by Niranjan Mudholkar. Shri CS Rangarajan, who is considered as one of the highest authorities in the world on Dharma as well as Indian culture and religious history, has been spearheading a movement to “free Hindu temples” from the control of the government in the larger interest of Dharma, the people of India and the fundamental tenets of the Indian Constitution. He has been strongly arguing for religious freedom and for preserving the traditional systems of the followers of the Sanatan Dharma.

Interestingly, Shri CS Rangarajan (Guruji) has found ‘The Kingdom of God’ a useful tool in his lofty cause and has been tweeting about it. For example, in one of his tweets, Guruji says that “Rama Rajya pious purpose of ancestors’ donation of lives described in historic fiction book “The Kingdom of God” continues to live in legal personality of Shri Rama Raja Deity Ruler of Orchha is how we understand Constitutional Rama Rajya picture applying above Ayodhya judgement.” In another tweet, Guruji states that “While historical fictional book “The Kingdom of God” with parallels real Art 363 Constitutional Rama Rajya effort ends with Hon’ble PM promising protection of Rama Rajya in Constitution due to error of officials at centre in reality it’s now Hon’ble UP CM.”

At present, there are only a few temples in India that are truly autonomous and free from the Government’s control. One such temple is the Shri Rama Raja Temple of Orchha (Madhya Pradesh), where Shri Rama is considered as the Supreme Ruler. Incidentally, in the novel ‘The Kingdom of God’, the Shri Rama Raja Temple of Orchha plays a key role in the overall narrative. Guruji has also brought out this reference in one of his tweets. He says: “Interesting historical fiction novel “The Kingdom of God,” a first book of the author also traces how Rama Rajya and Shri Rama Raja Ruler Deity of Orchha Kingdom are related and ends with a key message on Rama Rajya seal.”

When Niranjan Mudholkar, the author of ‘The Kingdom of God’ realised that Guruji has given reference to his novel, he expressed his gratitude with a tweet – “Thank you for giving reference to my novel. Honoured!” Guruji was quick to respond saying: “Thank you for this divine work.” In fact, Guruji has also spoken to Niranjan Mudholkar through a phone call for appreciating the novel and has also showered his blessings on the author. “It is an absolute honour. For me, this is bigger than any award or recognition. Guruji has been working for the cause of Rama Rajya in the context of our Constitution. The very title of my novel ‘The Kingdom of God’ is inspired by the concept of Rama Rajya. So, I feel blessed that my debut novel is of use for this important cause.”Get your copy of The Kingdom of God by Niranjan Mudholkar on Amazon at this link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/1685382878

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