Chew On the Best, Mouth-watering  MOMOS in Rajahmundry City (Andhra Pradesh) at JOWOS, The Zone of Momos ®

‘Momos are an emotion’, all momo-lovers necessarily agree with this statement. It is believed that Momos made its way to the Indian subcontinent during the 1960s and carved its love in the hearts of people belonging to different strata and age-groups. It is a popular street-food widely available all over different parts of North-India and the bite-sized dumplings are slowly making their way down South with the brand JOWOS, The Zone of Momos ®.

JOWOS, The Zone of Momos ® is a brand belonging to the Food and Beverages sector which was officially established on 14 Jan 2021. Mr Satya Gummapu is the Founder and CEO of the brand who hails from a village named Kalavalapalli in the West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Mr Satya is an ex-army man who has served the nation for sixteen years and thereafter ventured into setting-up his own business.

Mr Satya had tasted Momos for the very first time while he was serving in Kargil and thereafter the idea of selling it in South India clicked his mind. Since Momos was not a part of the popular food culture down in South, he started researching on Momos in the year 2018, three years before establishing his food business. Mr Satya started JOWOS, The Zone of Momos ® on 14 Jan 2021, immediately after opting for voluntary retirement from the Indian Army.

During his service years, Mr Satya came across several people from the lower income strata, struggling to make ends meet. Witnessing the plight of some of his own friends and relatives who were unemployed, Mr Satya decided to set-up his business in such a way that would provide assistance to the unemployed and take them within the company’s fold. He started his journey from Quarry Market, Rajahmundry City in Andhra Pradesh with an aim to generate employment catering to the needs of Orphans, single parents and financially poor students. Gradually, over the years, the brand name JOWOS, THE ZONE OF MOMOS ® became a pathway to serve jobs to the needy.

In order to achieve his goal, Mr Satya focussed his strategy on business expansion by offering franchises and has successfully set-up three units for the same. The brand offers 100% profitable business opportunity, anywhere in India and provides Free Training to the Chef and Sales Staff at Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). Within a span of one year, the brand made significant progress and had six outlets running in same city.

JOWOS, THE ZONE OF MOMOS ® is purely a Momos Brand and is the only company in the city of Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh to start the popular food culture of selling momos as a part of street food. The brand offers its franchise at a sum of rupees two lakhs only and is a part of the fast-growing QSR chain. Additionally, affordable Pricing and 100% hygiene followed while street vending and maintaining a corporate and professional front has made the brand the most preferred one amongst momo-lovers in South.

Mr Satya aims to expand the horizons of his business by setting-up branches in other cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He also plans to give out pensions to their long running employees and ultimately expand JOWOS, THE ZONE OF MOMOS ® Pan-India.

Brand provides 100% PROFITABLE FOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in                       CHEF-LESS model at just Rs 2lacs anywhere in India.  For Franchise Contact at 9464184804.

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