Youngest Kid with extraordinary talent

It is truly said mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent recognises its genius and so Happen with Samartha from Mumbai, Maharashtra, born on 26th August 2021 whose talent started showing up from her cradle, when she was two months five days old. Since her birth she was very active, her body parts were always in action and gestures kept changing continuously. As she grew up, each and every month some or the other uniqueness was discovered in her activities and understandings. Seeing this her parents started moulding her as its said, a child copies their parents and education begins at home. They started creating high energy aura, ambience around her to groom her. Not only that, her mother also started training her brain by continuously chanting words and then wonders happened. She uttered her first word the age of 6 months and quickly she started speaking many words. By the age of one year she was trained and moulded in such a way that her IQ and general knowledge is above par for the kids of her age. It was then her mother thought that her child’s talent should be recognised. She started searching for different platforms where she came across India’s World Records (website – In India’s World Records there is a specific category that is Youngest Talented Kid Category. She applied to claim a record under that platform. After taking a record attempt she was well appreciated by the officials of India’s World Records and her claim was accepted as a record of Youngest talented kid. She was also recommended then by the India’s World Records officials for their another Platform called Profile of international talents and Intellectuals (PITI) in which profile of extraordinary talent of record holders are showcased. She has been selected for PITI and awarded as well for her outstanding talent at such a young age.

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