You know the Name, Not the Story. So here it is!!

Mr Mukka Obul Reddy, a very renowned name in the real estate and construction industry of the south. His simplicity and honesty are the first things you will notice about him. His humility and magical words that come straight from the heart will mesmerize you. The pleasantness in his demeanour and the boost in your spirit after a brief chat are all as real as the turbulences he had faced earlier on in life.

Not many people have the grit to achieve something after the great hardships that they’ve faced in life. The Chairman and Managing Director of Honeyy Group has fought and won many battles to become who he is now. The lessons that life has taught him have made him the epitome of success and knowledge. His spontaneity in making decisions has helped his quick succession to the pinnacle in the real estate sector. His life has been an uphill grind and this has made him even stronger.

With his journey starting as a door-to-door salesperson at the tender age of 18, he has worked at a plethora of organisations gathering all the experience he could. Mr Reddy has worked in different sales positions for 9 years before shifting to the insurance sector. His extensive experience in the sector for almost 7 years in different roles was filled only with awards and accolades for his best performances. Later on, he moved on to the real estate sector where he gained the relevant knowledge, working day and night. He then led himself and his trusted acquaintances along the path of entrepreneurship and hence, the tangible beginnings of Honeyy Group in 2016.

Through constructive strategic collaborations, Mr Reddy established his dream organisation with a team of nine. This group of driven individuals, who dreamt big and strived hard, defined what it means to build with passion and skill.

Mr Reddy is a self-made man with the wit and grit to conquer the world. He weaved his charm everywhere he went with his extraordinariness and carved his own path to greatness. He is extremely talented and made exemplary contributions to each of the organisations he worked for. He is inquisitive and constantly explores the untrodden roads to revolutionise the sector and make a mark in his own unique way.

With a mission to qualitatively and quantitatively improve the lifestyles of many home-buyers, Honeyy Group aims to make affordable housing a norm.  The team strives to provide their customers with the best value for money and to be the one-stop shop for all their property needs. They believe in making homeownership easy and affordable, which requires them to keep up with both new technology – especially related to building techniques – and those old tried-and-true elements that help their clients achieve the lifestyles they are looking for.

His motto is “If you are doing the same thing every day you would never do what you’ve never done.” This is proof that he is ever-learning new things and eager to employ methodologies and strategies that help in the improvement of the business as well as foster personal growth. He encourages the same attitude in his employees with his occasional training and motivational sessions to charge up the employees and help them align their mindsets to his vision.

With his pure skill and determination, he now established an empire of more than 500 employees and 100+ own projects. His territories continue to grow both in terms of expansion of his business as well as the number of lives he has changed.

All this has become possible because of Mr Reddy’s commitment to his vision and values. Not a day goes by for him without thinking about the welfare of the hundreds of families that are dependent on his organisation for their livelihood. To this end, he aims to establish schools to provide free education to his employees’ children and hospitals to ensure free healthcare to his employees and their families.

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