Writing Technocrats by Avanti Khanwalkar and Amol Khanwalker – One-stop solution for content writing services

Writing Technocrats offers engaging, distinctive, and high-quality content for websites, blogs, video scripts, email newsletters, social media posts, and advertisements at competitive prices. Writing Technocrats was founded in 2019 by Avanti Khanwalkar, a former corporate executive, with the goal of delivering perfection and making a significant impact on the content writing industry.

Without a doubt, automation is on its way for everyone, and some believe that the online writing sector may change with the introduction of various AI content creation tools like ChatGpt, Jasper, etc. However, customized and high-quality content creation still requires the human touch. Since machines lack emotional intelligence while humans do, they will never be able to write as well as humans. Indeed, emotions, originality, creativity, and uniqueness can also be achieved by human intelligence.

Avanti left her 9–5 job at IBM to become her own boss because she was passionate about making a difference in the world of content writing. She loves to read, do research, play with words, and express herself, and she has come to realize that she is capable of writing or expressing herself in any topic not only creatively but also effectively and intelligently. She realized after extensive research that text-based content dominates the market and social media, and in 2019 she founded Writing Technocrats with a team of experienced writers from various business sectors.

Writing Technocrats stands out from the competition in that they have committed top-tier writers with industry-specific expertise in a variety of industry verticals, including healthcare, IT services, manufacturing, travel, logistics, and e-commerce to name a few. These writers have more than five years of experience, which implies a professional touch in the content and boosts engagement. They assist in developing content that is tailored to the target audience for the industry. Indeed, Words connect with the audience, increase the level of trust, and convince customers about your brand credibility.

In the words of the founder Avanti Khanwalkar, “We are here with compelling content that can speak loudly on your behalf with your audience in order to keep them glued to your brand. Writing Technocrats adheres to the principle of creating straightforward yet captivating content that can resonate with your audience. Each team member has five or more years of experience writing content, and they are familiar with the various writing tenets appropriate for various business profiles and industries.”

The co-founder Amol Khanwalkar says “Content is the key and the lifeblood of any business, so we know how to play with words to give your brand a polished appearance. Words engage the audience, foster greater levels of trust, and persuade customers of the legitimacy of your brand.Our crew of expert writers includes individuals who excel at SEO and are creative and innovative. They are all backed by subject-matter experts. Our ability to be resourceful, provide content that is current, and offer clients a deal that is affordable has earned us the gratitude of our clients.”

Writing Technocrats – turns words into cash!

Build a relationship with your audience and interest them in coming back for more.

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