World knows Maris Vijay as Music Master

World knows him as master of keys but the journey he went throught was definitely bigger. J.S. Maris Vijay, a veteran music director is recognized for his excellency in music around the world.

Childhood and academics:

The person who always believed in learning started playing keyboard and music from age of six. His struggles started already at the age of 1 when his mother was left with no other option to raise him alone. She was a schoolteacher who taught her son to work hard.

He spent most of his childhood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and pursued most of the academics from there only. He was a state football player. He pursued his athletics till Interdivision level.

From playing music in school; performing in churches and conducting choirs; Maris Vijay‘s passion towards music can be seen. From early age Maris Vijay got many awards and certificates roughly since age of 10. He worked hard and followed his passion since early age. Also, he is graduate in Electronics and communication engineering from Dr MGR Engineering College.

Maris was honored for “best performance “rendered for year 2008-2009 in keyboard from “Holy Trinity Matriculation Higher Secondary School”. Maris and his team also secured first in ” Chennai City level SJIRS ” Christmas caroling contest held in 2009 at Chennai.

Maris Vijay got his diploma course in Sound Engineering from 2009-2010 secured A+ grade at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He also bagged ” The degree of Doctor Of Music” in 2011 by Academy of Universal Global Peace. It remarks his expertise.


After finishing college, from performing in school and colleges, he stepped into Music Industry and soon recognized internationally. Maris’s first work was English album named ” Celestrial dreams ” in 2002 presented by The Family Missionary.

Maris’s another recognized work and his first Hindi and Tamil Album was ” Tere Bina Dil “in 2005 presented by Future Under Production.

Other than this, he worked in many films, short films, Christian gospel and devotional songs. His music is extended to many jingles and so many advertisements etc. Music director worked with all the international artists as well along with Kollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood and yet exploring. Often called as “International Music director” from Chennai to Hollywood.

He has played his keys for mostly all the south directors.Few of his musically directed works are ,” Vingyani”, “Drop of Water”, ” Villavan”,  “Jai ho Kalam”, ” Break the Silence”, “Dans la Maison Du Captaine” , “Pogadhe Ne Pogadhe”, “Saambavii Saranam” and many more. He also gave his music to “Thari-2019”   and “Mangalya Dosham- 2020″both with more than 350 episodes for Colors Tamil Tv channel.

For more exploration to music, he came up with one of the best recording studio named as” Miracle Waves” in 2011. It also boosted his carrier internationally. ” Trinity Waves” one of the aesthetic ambient studios equipped with latest technologies also belong to him. The vibrant studio with mesmerizing sound systems came across 2017.

To inspire youth and to introduce new artists, he introduced a special online platform named ” M-Muzik Officials” . This platform is built for the purpose of showcasing new talents to the world. “Jai Ho Kalam” and many other works are directed from this studio.


Maris Vijay is also nominated for so many awards.  After the achievement in so many projects through all the hard work and his amazing skills. His music is gaining fame throughout the world.

Pandemic, a rough period for all also hit the music industry. Whereas people were losing hope, Maris encouraged people to blend with other cultures. His efforts are seen in Released French movie where at same platform both Sri Lanka Tamilians and French are working.

He was nominated for Best International Music Director for Film “Villavan” at Cinefest Malaysia Awards 2019.  He also bagged for Best Top Indian Music Arranger and Programmer for the work ” Saambavii Saranam” in 2020 in London.

His another work “Drop of water ” is nominated in Australian festival 2022 directed by Raj Kumar Das.

Pandemics slowed the world but currently many works of Maris Vijay are in queue. After a legendary success in South, his network is broadned to Hollywood and Bollywood.

His whole journey is quite mystic. From travelling one place to another for music, turned out to be adventurous. He always thanked his audience for giving so much love to his work.

His other lined up works are “Future Is Dark” Bollywood movie, Bollywood song” Sab Jhoote Hai” featuring Savaniee Ravindra will be released soon. Other upcoming works are” Mawbima Sri Lanka” music album , “Vattakhanal” Tamil movie. He added that he might come up new surprises soon and showed his gratitude towards audience for supporting him.

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