Wellness Warriors: Limy K M & Samjoosh V S Lead the Charge in Holistic Living

In 2013, the journey began for Limy K M and Samjoosh V S with a shared vision to empower individuals in and around Bangalore to lead healthier lives through food, nutrition, and fitness. What started as a community of 250+ people evolved into a transformative force addressing both physical and mental health. When the world faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Limy and Sam took their mission online, providing accessible and affordable health solutions for all.

Their online workout program, initiated with a nominal fee of Rs 249 per month, expanded to accommodate those facing financial constraints during the pandemic, welcoming them into the community at no cost. Today, Limy and Sam boast a thriving community of 2000+ individuals benefiting from a range of services, including daily online workouts, yoga classes, weight loss programs, and life and mindfulness coaching.

Limy & Sam’s Wellness Journey

Limy & Sam, the founders of samnlimy.com, are more than just health and wellness coaches; they are certified professionals with a mission. Limy, an NFNA Certified Nutritionist and Cult Certified Yoga teacher, coupled with Sam, an NFNA Certified Personal Trainer, and Achology Certified Life Coach, bring a unique blend of expertise to their holistic approach. Both Limy and Sam transitioned from successful careers in finance and corporate management to follow their passion for natural living, positive thinking, and fitness.

Their journey is rooted in simplicity and passion, reflected in their workout styles and deep connections with their fitness followers. Limy and Sam are not merely instructors; they are avid readers and positive-thinking advocates with a genuine aura of warmth, extending their relationship-building skills to friends, family, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Brand Overview

Samnlimy.com focuses on weight loss, daily workouts, yoga, and mindfulness coaching. With a commitment to holistic well-being, they conduct live online classes, eschewing pre-recorded videos for a more engaging and interactive experience. The brand’s USP lies in its live classes and personalized approach, ensuring a supportive community for individuals worldwide.

Established officially during the COVID-19 pandemic, samnlimy.com aims to revolutionize the perception of health. Their plans for 2024 include promoting yoga among underprivileged communities, targeting NGOs, old age homes, government schools, and more, providing offline sessions free of cost.

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In a world where health takes precedence, Limy K M & Samjoosh V S are carving a niche, one live session at a time. Their philosophy, “Success comes through What we eat! What we think! What we do,” resonates not only in their classes but in the lives they touch.

Durvesh Yadav

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