Uttar Pradesh villagers are fine tuning handmade luxury with an architects Vanvasi business model

It is all about reviving old heritage skills of villages of India that have been looted and taken away by forced industrialisation by the colonial powers . The dawn of old era and its ways have gone away. Today, internet becomes the new energy for the youth, connecting data to the ones in the last mile. It is an architect from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh who is connecting the last mile village women to the luxury supply chains . Rishabh fondly called Rishu got our attention with his experiential showcase at the prestigious Constitution Club of India where he was explaining the art of embroidery and the sequence of product development stages to Union Minister for Skills Development Dharmendra Pradhan in the Narendra Modi Government . The minister himself mentioned the art of embroidery and its translation into a social business model after he went and saw Rishabh’s work in his speech . It is noteworthy body of work where his startup Vanvasi Project India has initiated the impossible milestone to built a rural supply chain from scratch. His mother and partner in startup Vanvasi Project India, Alka Katiyar is building and looking after their first studio space in hometown Kanpur while Rishu keeps at his toes preparing for market connectivity . After Architecture education , he got into management education and later went with IIM Ahemedabad for catalysing his practical sides of business understanding and execution by neuroscience marketing. As the Union Minister asked him, how much time did you take to build this model, Rishabh told one year and eight months , which made his focus and dedication clear . On further questions , he mentioned about his seniors Prateek Hira who have recently joined his board of directors in a way of sweat equity . Rishabh says, it’s very difficult to manage and execute things while one is bootstrapped because every decision comes with a trade off.

Talking about the beneficiaries of his and teams body of work are women artisans confined to their village homes . These village women don’t have access to good quality healthcare, adequate medicines and quick transportation . They rely on male members of the the family to get things done . With Vanvasi entering their lives, they have have rays of hope that things will change for better .

After multiple failures and struggles, Rishabh sachan pulled off the design sensibilities of villages to come out in fabrics by the way of embroideries. Alka Katiyar herself taught the women high quality stitches and ways to improvise their work targeting exceptional aesthetics. While designing in architecture college , Rishabh had an inherent taste to develop concepts and translate them into building elevations and interiors. This skill of this young boy from a design bent of mind mingled later with rural creativity forming un-conventional products.

India has so much to offer . It’s upto us what we can protect and restructure for our future generations as a living heritage . Rarity comes with individuals who dare to walk on a difficult and a different path. Many teams equipped with money power from top to bottom fail like no other executing rural programmes as they fail to understand and work according to rural psyche. Unlikely Rishabh and his team have worked their way from bottom to top approach considering all barriers of social and behavioural skills in their way .

Rishabh Sachan https://www.linkedin.com/in/rishabhhbs

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