Good returns on investment is the mantra all investors believe in. Understanding the balance between returns and the risk involved in investment calls for a well informed decision. Allocating money or savings in the form of different investments can help a person reach their financial goals.

 Buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any other asset requires a deep knowledge about the concept of compounding. Equity Knocks, is a growing financial sector firm which officially established its presence in the year 2019 under the dominion of Rahul Singh, who is a certified technical analyst and investment analyst and portfolio manager in stock market consultancy.

Equity Knocks, expresses the firm’s concept of working through its logo which emphasises the need to have the correct key in order to unlock the unknown world of investment which is unthinkable of without proper knowledge and aid and advice by a financial analyst.

The Working:

The brand name Equity Knocks is centred around the idea of providing one stop financial solutions and guidance relating to investments under the umbrella of Stock Market Consultancy services and Mutual Funds. Apart from providing in-depth, detailed analysis about the different aspects of the money-market, Equity Knocks has a track record of excellent trend determination by giving a comprehensive insight about the predictability and prospects of future stocks at 85% accuracy rate.

Being a volatile market, pure guess work can never really land someone a piece of cake. Equity Knocks has built a forum of trust and confidence among its clients by offering them a time period of three months to study and examine live market analysis closely, without charging a single penny. This span of time offered to its clients assures them of the commitment Equity Knocks provides in the financial market. This strategy has also greatly helped in displaying the firms’ accuracy and consistency rates with respect to risks, and rewards besides imbibing a spirit of certitude before the clients decide to come on-board.

The firm believes that the clients should get a fair share for their investment and so, they work towards carefully designing a layout according to the financial goals of the client with utmost precision, focusing on returns. They envision the market as their pitch, where earning 5K in 15 trades is considered alright instead of losing 1L in a single trade.

The Journey:

Mr. Rahul Singh has an impressive background having served in the Indian Navy. His first investment was into Provident Fund (PF) in the year 2002 soon after he started his service in the Navy. Being utterly amazed when the 24-carat Gold (25gm) he purchased in 2007 @ around Rs. 7000/- per 10gm was sold at a double price indicating 100% returns in a period of about two years, Mr. Singh started his research on the factors affecting returns.

After being posted in Vishakhapatnam, Mr. Singh found out that major economies had hit recession in 2008 and it was at this point he realised that gold is considered a safe haven across the globe and money shifts to it. So, he further started investing in Mutual Funds with the guidance of his father and by 2014, Mr. Singh was certain of diving into the stock market ocean. After hitting a low in two months, and realising the importance of analysis and evaluation, he started studying and doing research, and after adequate experience ventured into establishing Equity Knocks.

Equity Knocks is an associate partner of Choice Broking and thereby engages in the process of buying and selling securities. Having fulfilled duties as an instructor in the naval service, teaching has always inspired Mr. Singh.

With a closed network of clients in Vishakhapatnam, equity Knocks is expanding its horizons by educating people about the money market, and creating financial awareness by conducting classes two days a week, free of cost.

Besides more than 100 people engaged in full time trading with Equity Knocks, the company’s head Mr. Rahul Singh has been actively involved in training stock market enthusiasts about the technicalities, and concepts of chart reading. Presently, he teaches a batch of fifty-five people together.

The Brains Behind Equity Knocks:

Mr. Rahul Singh is a native of Jharkhand’s Dumka district, whose father Mr. Ram Sagar Singh was in the central government service (Indian Navy). Following his father’s footsteps, Rahul secured a mark in one of the toughest division of the armed forces and joined the submarine branch. With a relentless attitude and a knack for starting his own business, Mr. Singh’s retirement staged his way towards setting up Equity Knocks.

 Mr. Singh, is proud of being a NCFM certified Technical Analyst, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Manager (NSE), NISM Certified Equities and Derivatives Analyst & AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Distributor and the idea of establishing his brand popped up in the year 2019, during the auspicious festival of Diwali, when people are generally inclined towards buying and investing in Gold.

Mr. Singh is of the opinion that the government and renowned personalities should be actively involved in generating awareness about Ponzi schemes and right investments. He also states that Mutual Funds has come a long way and now, a push needs to be given to the equity/ share market so that more retail participation comes in.

Mr. Rahul Singh is presently based in the city of destiny – VISAKHAPATNAM and can be contacted at INSTAGRAM at # rahulequityknocks and website is www.Equityknocks.com

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