“Unlock Your Potential: The Personality Blueprint by Sujata Mukherjee Empowers Personal Growth”


Sujata Mukherjee is an accomplished author, corporate trainer, coach, and student mentor with over 25 years of experience. She is an internationally certified Heal Your Life workshop facilitator approved by “Hay House Inc, USA,” and a globally certified expert-rated life coach. Sujata also holds a distinguished title as a cognitive-behavioral therapist from the School of Natural Health Science in the UK. She was recognized as one of the “Most Influential Coaching Leaders” in India 2021 by World HRD Congress in association with Times Ascent. With a focus on personal development, Sujata uses her extensive experience in the corporate and business world to empower individuals and nurture the growth of children, teens, and young adults. She believes in teaching life skills from the inside out as a behavioral therapist and trainer.


“The Personality Blueprint” is a captivating resource that helps children and young adults enhance self-awareness, overcome shyness, and boost self-confidence and self-esteem. This compendium of life skills empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. Join relatable protagonists on a transformative journey as they navigate life’s challenges and discover the power of personal development. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or young reader seeking self-improvement, this book is a must-read. Don’t wait any longer—embark on this magical ride and uncover the wonders of self-improvement like never before!

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Let’s delve into the author’s insights on The Personality Blueprint and its impact on personal growth and development…

1.What inspired you to write The Personality Blueprint?

Ans: My inspiration to write The Personality Blueprint stemmed from my observations following the lockdown period. Children were cut off from the real world and experienced a gap in their actions and mindset. I received numerous calls from concerned parents about their children being shy, hesitant, and struggling to open up. Talking to the children, I realized they were perpetually fearful of being judged and lacked confidence in expressing themselves.

While academic achievement is essential, communicating effectively, working well with others, and persevering through challenges truly set us up for success. Yet, these skills are often overlooked in traditional education. I recognized that the issue of children’s fear required immediate and urgent attention. That’s why I took the initiative to write this book with a sense of urgency.

2. How does your philosophy or approach to personal growth and development inform the ideas presented in the book?

Through my work as a personal development enthusiast, performance coach, course curator and a Global Corporate Trainer for over 25 years, I firmly believe that personality development is crucial for building confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset. My experience in helping individuals overcome their fears and achieve their goals informed the ideas presented in The Personality Blueprint, which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help individuals develop a strong self-awareness and the necessary tools to overcome their inhibitions and reach their full potential.

3. How have your experiences working with clients in your practice influenced your writing and the ideas presented in The Personality Blueprint?

Ans: My work with clients in corporate settings has greatly influenced my writing in The Personality Blueprint. These experiences have shown me firsthand how personality traits and behavior patterns can hinder individuals from reaching their full potential. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the challenges people face in personal growth, including low self-esteem, anxiety, and other mental health issues. These encounters have strengthened my belief in the significance of self-awareness and cultivating a growth mindset to overcome limitations. In The Personality Blueprint, I draw upon my experiences as a personal development enthusiast and coach, offering practical strategies and insights for individuals to understand and develop their personalities.

4. Could you tell me about your book, The Personality Blueprint and what makes it stand out?

Ans: My book is a collection of captivating lessons, activities, visualizations, poetries and stories featuring relatable characters who overcome their difficulties and triumph. These stories are sure to captivate and inspire readers. The book is aimed at children aged ten and above, focusing on teenagers and young adults.

As children today tend to have shorter attention spans, I have designed my book with various activities and interests that will keep them engaged throughout. They will find the lessons and stories engaging and beneficial, providing an enjoyable way to learn essential life lessons. This sets my book apart from others in the genre of personality development for children, as it goes beyond just providing information and actively encourages children to participate and learn in a fun and interactive way, even through stories and rhythm.

5. What is the main message or key takeaway you hope readers will gain from reading The Personality Blueprint?

Ans:The main message of The Personality Blueprint is that personality can be developed and strengthened through intentional effort and practice. The book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding one’s personality, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and developing the necessary skills for achieving goals and improving quality of life. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, goal-setting, and continuous learning for personal growth, empowering individuals to take control of their development and become their best selves.

6. Is there one key concept or advice from The Personality Blueprint that you would like to highlight for readers? What is your message to the children?

Ans: Certainly!

Children are full of boundless energy and talents; each one is unique and possesses a distinct set of strengths and abilities that make them who they are. The children must understand and embrace their individuality and understand that no one is comparable to them and has their own unique set. 

My book provides children with the necessary tools and techniques to explore their core competencies, enabling them to excel in their chosen field and confidently pursue their passion.

It’s important to remember that personality development is a lifelong journey. By adopting a growth mindset and learning and evolving, individuals can continually improve and achieve their full potential.

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