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About the Founders’ Journey

Mr. Vikas Virupaksh is  been associated with the IT industry with an experience of 10+ years only in the field of BI, Analytics, AI, ML, Data Science & Big data-carrying Techno commercials roles in many MNCs. I began my career with technology sales later in a techno-commercial role, addressing solutions under technologies like Analytics, Databases, Data management, Data visualization, Reporting, API management, Integration covering most Industry verticals. Was associated with companies like: Indotronix International Corporation, Valuepoint Systems, Bahwan Cybertek earlier, managing real-time solutions, solving many problem statements for my clients. 

Mr.Vikas  have been an Open-minded, friendly and resourceful Techno commercial professional with a sound and optimistic outlook on all things in life.  

As per Industry Mr. Vikas is always be eager to challenge status quality, grow, and improve my skills and professional abilities with every situation coming across, be it professional or personal.

What is the Idea behind Unique-Sol Consultants  

The idea behind Unique-sol started in the year 2016. I used to dedicate time to this dream project after my working hours. Without affecting the profession that I used to work for.  

I worked on TEdge (AI-Driven platform) for almost 5 years with continuous efforts, research & upgrading myself to bring it to a reality with a complete framework starting from product, market, team, research, competition, growth & so on with target to be in global by 2027. Even though, I planned for many other applications for education technology earlier there were competitions within. 

I started working with the reverse engineering method with timelines on TEdge to reality. In parallel to generating revenue, I started offering to consult as a freelancer for the education industry & that’s where TECS & ETHICS formed. 

How was your initial stage? What kind of support did you receive?

Initially, taking time for my dream project was a big task, along with existing jobs, roles & responsibilities. I decided to the takeout at least 18 hours every week, including weekends. I used to spend more time during the weekends rather than on weekdays. I had discussed with many friends & industry experts to guide me through the updates & evolving technologies. 

I dedicated 70% of my time to research & the latest updates from 2016, which had given me a different level of understanding about the market & current technologies which helped me in shaping the TEdge well. Still, we were working to bring the dream project to life as a most reliable, advanced, agile & user-friendly platform which eases user experience. Productivity with the tech team, easy reach to market with transparency to Investors. 

Today am getting support from friends & freelancers with multiple discussions. Also, we are in touch with investment consultants to bring the investors on board from INDIA & across the globe. We have boot strapped with many colleges, schools & universities.

What is TEdge?

TEdge is an innovation. It will be the face of education technology. That is an artificial intelligence-driven platform for the education sector, where every single user within the industry is connected. With a Patent (Provincial) in hand, we are working on a patent review with The Patent Office, INDIA & is expected to be with us in the next 8-10 months with the actual patent. Our Idea for TEdge is to build a complete 360° unified platform for education Industry.

How about connecting everyone & everything in the Education industry which benefits students, staff, parents, institutions, colleges, universities, individual trainers, bloggers, ed-tech companies & so on. A single unified platform for all needs in the education & ed-tech industry with complete 360° coverage. 

The platform will be in the market soon. We are in the ideation stage for TEdge with ready architecture, roadmap, revenue model, strategy & looking for investors to come on board.

TEdge Stands for “Technology in Education Gradually Expanding”

Tell us about your Vision and Mission.

Vision is to “Change the perspective of the education industry” on their view towards academics using digital initiatives. It will be structured around skills, by maintaining high standard integrity & performance leading to the achievement of academics and lead them to reach higher goals. 

The mission is to “Help all level students to be Industry Ready Globally “through our AI-driven platform & professional consulting. Allowing students to use different ways to access information in a much simpler way, with help of our platform to access the academics, course materials & much more anytime, anywhere to increase the scope for academic learning and upgrade the learning experience. 

What is professional consulting for & what is TECS & ETHICS? 

Today the word “Training” is already ruined in the industry. Students are losing interest when they hear training as they have been through multiple stages of their academics & we don’t like to talk about that. That’s why we started to consult by addressing the challenges from the core. 

We don’t train. Instead, we consult our professional expertise with industry experience & current market knowledge understanding in terms of challenges & needs for the industry will consult students, parents, staff, institutions & universities, which helps students to focus on mastering the skills. On the other hand, it help parents & staff to get updated with real-world exposure. 

Our consulting help students of all level to master the academics & other required skills, which goes in parallel with academics by following global standards & methods which is being researched & adopted by top global universities.

Our Professional consulting offers two different types of services, by the name: TECS & ETHICS. please visit www.tecs-ethics.com for services. Website for TEdge will be live in a week with www.tedgeapp.com .

What are the industry challenges today? How UNIQUE-SOL will help in terms of solutions to overcome challenges & Pain points?

The solution is highlighted in 2 perspectives for us. One is with technology & the other is on services. 

Challenges for students: Students are facing challenges at every step from high school till graduation in terms of academics & mastering skills. We are living amidst what is potentially one of the greatest threats in our lifetime to global education, a gigantic educational crisis due to pandemic. 

Challenges for Business:  Ed-tech is a pool with multi swimmers at one time, who wants to win the race every single time. But they also need a platform to showcase themselves as the entire Ed-tech market is in silos. A unified platform will help every business user & business provider to scout for end users that they are looking for & this is well known for ed-tech entrepreneurs. We will be there to bridge the gap.  

Solution: “solution with us is very simple to cater ourselves with technology by backing up with services”.

How does Unique-Sol stand out when you have a strong competitive environment around?

Today if you look at the actual portfolio we do not have competition in this space of education technology. However, according to my knowledge, today many companies are being introduced to the market, saying they have the right solution or a product for the required problem. 

In my view & their view of solution/ product might be different as their view of the solution might be the right product, idea, design, architecture but not a solution for problem statement. Reasons might be a lot but majorly many startups & current companies focus on building the product rather than understanding the customer needs (without asking them what they need). As per my research & preparation for almost 5 years on TEdge, this is what I learned from my previous experience & the companies where I worked for. 

Even though we are in the ideation stage am looking for investors on the methodology of CDCS(Customer development Customer satisfaction)which will help us to reach to global level within a targeted timeline.   

Our motto is open to learning what the market is going & making sure about adaptability.

What’s For investors?

The idea of bringing investors is to more reach & grow big for services & TEdge to be live. We are looking at long term relationships with investors who invest at this stage & can expect complete transparency. The idea of going global is at a nascent stage but efforts are still the same.  Targeting to reach at least $14 million valuations by 2025 is a task am looking at & $ 50 Million by 2028. Services will bring value to Valuation depending on MOUs with schools, institutions, universities and active users from the end user’s perspective, where business users & business providers need the most. Investors who are looking for an innovative solution for ed-tech can reach me out directly at vikas@tecs-ethics.com  & rest assured. 

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