“Two For Joy” by Maxwel Chhetry: A Heartwarming Journey into Childhood at the World Book Fair”

Step into the nostalgic world of ‘Two For Joy,’ a captivating collection of stories that evoke the magic of childhood with the charm reminiscent of Ruskin Bond. As the World Book Fair unfolds its wonders, Chhetry’s anthology stands out as a delightful exploration of small-town life and the timeless adventures of youth, captivating audiences with its warmth and whimsy.

Q1: Maxwell, welcome! Let’s start by discussing your experience showcasing “Two For Joy” at the World Book Fair. How did it feel to unveil this charming collection to a wider audience?

Thank you! It was truly a heartening experience. The World Book Fair provided an incredible platform to introduce readers to the world of “Two For Joy.” The positive energy and enthusiasm from the audience were overwhelming, and it was gratifying to witness their reactions to the stories that have a special place in my heart.

Q2: Your book draws comparisons to the magic of Ruskin Bond. How did visitors at the fair respond to this connection, and did they share any memorable moments or experiences related to their love for Bond’s work?

The comparison to Ruskin Bond was both flattering and encouraging. Many visitors expressed their fondness for Bond’s storytelling, and it was heartening to see them draw parallels between his magic and the charm of “Two For Joy.” Some even shared personal anecdotes about how Bond’s work had influenced their love for storytelling and how they saw a similar magic in my collection.

Q3: “Two For Joy” weaves standalone stories intricately connected, showcasing the lives of a small town’s residents. Can you share any specific stories or characters that resonated deeply with the audience, and what aspects of these tales touched their hearts?

Certainly. The interconnected nature of the stories allowed readers to form emotional bonds with the characters. One story that stood out was about a young boy’s first encounter with a stray puppy, and the subsequent friendship that blossomed. The universal theme of innocence and friendship seemed to resonate deeply with the audience, eliciting smiles and sometimes even a few tears.

Q4: The writing style of “Two For Joy” invites readers to find beauty in the seemingly mundane. How did attendees at the fair react to this approach, and were there any discussions about the importance of appreciating the ordinary in our lives?

 The response was beautiful. Many readers shared their reflections on how the stories made them appreciate the simple joys of life. There were discussions about the power of observation and finding extraordinary moments in the ordinary. It was a delightful exchange that showcased the universal appeal of relishing life’s everyday moments.

Q5: As we conclude, Maxwell, what message would you like to convey to those who may have missed the chance to explore “Two For Joy” at the World Book Fair? Any plans for the future or insights you’d like to share?

To those who missed it, fear not! “Two For Joy” is still waiting to transport you to the world of childhood innocence and simple joys. I’m excited about future projects that will continue to explore the magic of storytelling, and I look forward to sharing more heartwarming tales with my readers.

As you explore the wonders of the World Book Fair, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a heartwarming journey into childhood with “Two For Joy” by Maxwel Chhetry.

Ready to rediscover the magic of youth? Purchase your copy of “Two For Joy” today and let the nostalgia sweep you away!

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