“Twinning & Winning: A Roadmap to a More Fulfilling Life”

Sreelakshmi is an experienced educator, instructional designer, and certified life coach with a passion for helping others achieve their goals. With a background in software engineering, Sreelakshmi transitioned to education, working as a Subject Matter Expert and Instructional Designer for ed-Tech companies, and reaching a milestone of providing quality education to rural children. She is a certified life coach with a passion for helping individuals achieve their goals. With her practical approach and actionable steps. Beyond her work, she actively seeks out new experiences with her twin children, traveling to unexplored places and trekking to learn from new experiences. Through her book, Twinning and Winning, Sreelakshmi shares her experiences and provides actionable steps for readers to discover their passions, build a fulfilling life, and empower others.

Let’s dive into author’s insights:-

Q1. Tell us something about your aim?

Ans:- I am on a mission to help individuals to reach their full potential by nurturing self-awareness, utilizing the principles of positive psychology, and guiding them towards becoming the best version of themselves. I create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their potential and achieve their goals transforming their lives and become their best selves.

Q2. What inspired you to write this book?

Ans:- What inspired me to write the book was a combination of my personal experiences and the people around me. When I transitioned from a career in software engineering to teaching, I faced many challenges and saw others going through similar struggles. I wanted to help those who may be experiencing mid-life crises or feel stuck in their careers or personal lives. My children were also a big inspiration for me, as I wanted to share my journey with them and show them that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Q 3. Please tell us a bit about your book ?

Ans:- “Twinning & Winning” is a roadmap to a more fulfilling life. It covers four major areas of life: health, career, wealth, and relationships. The book is not just about my experiences as a twin mom, but it’s about empowering readers to conquer their fears, discover their passions, maintain a positive mindset, nurture their relationships, and become financially literate. The goal is to bring balance to all areas of life and help readers become unstoppable.

Q 4. How did you come up with this title & what does “Twinning & Winning” mean?

Ans:- The title “Twinning & Winning” came from my son, Samruddh, who inspired me to write the book. As a twin mom, I wanted to share my experiences and show others that if I can do it, they can too. The idea behind the title is that by twinning with others, we can all become winners in life.

Q5. Tell the most interesting part of your book or any sequence in between writing that you want to share with all of us?

Ans:- The most interesting part of the book for me is the story of a woman who lost her son but found the strength to conceive again.  It’s a powerful example of how resilience and a positive mindset can help us overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Q5 What’s the aim behind writing this book?

Ans:- The aim behind writing this book is to serve people who may not have access to my coaching services or who want to learn from my experiences. I hope to inspire readers to take action towards their goals and dreams, and to show them that anything is possible if they set their mind to it.

Q6. Any particular message that you like to share with our audience over here?

Ans:- The message I would like to share with the audience is to maintain balance in all areas of life by thinking positively, taking responsibility for our emotions, setting boundaries, and feeling grateful for what we already have. We are all connected and can empower each other to become our best selves. I am grateful to everyone who has supported me on my journey, including my parents, husband, children, mentors, and readers.

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