Trigger Digital, the digital marketing agency is setting new heights to penetrate the brand game

Digital marketing is the fastest growing sector today. Advanced technology is giving boost to it. Cheaper internet cost and easily accessible tools and technologies are making it possible to reach the remote village too. You can hardly find any business that doesn’t have the digital presence for them or is not active on social media.

Digital marketing has reached an extent which says if you’re not online, you’re nowhere. People want to experience things at their convenience. They don’t have time to visit your shop and purchase what they want. Digital marketing makes this happen to reach everything on the customer’s hand in no time. Due to the increased demand, many digital marketing agencies have been working to bring businesses online.

Trigger Digital has been popular in this line which is providing the services at an affordable price. This was started by Kamal Chugh in 2020 in Gurugram. His team of experienced and seasoned specialists are giving the professional touch to their clients. Kamal’s goal was to create digital content (graphics, videos, animation and websites) for Indian companies which have 0 to minimum digital presence.

Kamal has an experience of more than 7 years in the field of advertising. He knew all the ins and outs of the industry. His good performance had brought him a good reputation. This made him start his own venture to grow a brand. So his digital marketing agency, Trigger Digital came into existence in 2020. This was started to bring digital exposure to many businesses to grow big in terms of revenue and reputation.

Kamal had envisioned giving a one stop solution to all the digital marketing needs under a single roof. This field expects a lot of creativity. So Kamal wanted a free hand in terms of creativity and to accelerate the online presence. This was a triggering factor to start the independent business. He dreams of perfection in everything. And he works to bring everything down into action. This made his clients to love his works and come to him repetitively. Same way word of mouth has been playing a major role in giving him popularity.

Trigger Digital takes every work seriously and never compromises in terms of quality. They define their according to the client needs like

  1. Social media marketing- marketing the brands through social media channels thus penetrating it in 21st century’s style of marketing.
  2. Brand building – building a solid brand for a business to attract inbound eads
  3. Video production – videos are going to be the future of this century’s marketing to pull customers
  4. Website building – websites are the must for any business in order to showcase their work and operation

This list goes on and will be segregated according to the customized needs of clients.

Trigger Digital works on the concept of Digital first and customer first. This allows them to create tailor made solutions by understanding the complete requirements of a client which bring them a sure shot benefit for their business. Their name itself makes it clear which is drawn to imply that they create solutions which trigger certain actions in reality.

Their numbers speak on behalf of their work so far. In this short span, Kamal has led his team to bring outstanding results like creating over 500 videos, 100 websites. They have improved the digital presence for many companies and have successfully launched 2 D2C brands which brought him the huge reputation.

Trigger Digital has been working to give more than what their clients expect. They always go above and beyond to overwhelm their clients. Digital marketing is an ocean. Its limits are sky high and you’ll have to keep on working conquering new boundaries daily. Trigger Digital are working this way to be the best digital marketing agency of not only Gurugram but in India.

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