Top 5 Business Analytics Institutes in India

What is business analytics?

A business runs on several internal and external factors which lead to profit-making.

Keeping it simple, we all know the fact that a company’s profits are never constant, which means that there must be something that had not worked in the favor of the company. As time flew, and competition increased, the concept of analyzing the business came into the picture. Fortunately, some concepts were recognized to a degree,and the techniques had to change, in order to perform better.

Evolution of business analytics:

Traditionally, Businesses were not aware of the factors that make them earn profits. Businesses were running on a hit and trial method, knowing that a coin has two sides, either you earn out of it, or you lose the money that you have invested. Centuries ago, as the market was flooded with newcomers, which led to a scarcity of resources and competition, the business owners got aware of various factors like, scope of business, requirements to run a business, skilled resources, return on investment, and many more do’s and don’ts to run their business. This process was later termed “business analytics”. Today, keeping the fact in mind, that business analytics has always been a backbone of the business, we can foresee how beneficial a business can be.

In India, many Institutes have come up with courses, both short-term, and long-term, which can help you get into top companies, and assure you a higher package. Here are a few options to select from:

  1. Madrid Software: Madrid software is a Delhi-based institute with an experience of more than a decade and a team of more than 50 skilled professionals that offer various courses in Business Analytics. The module includes the teaching of softwares like core python, SQL, data mining, advance excel, and machine learning concepts. This would boost your skills in analyzing business within a short span of time. Their modules include case studies on companies that have made the best profits, mistakes made by companies that led them to incur negative profits, and learning from the experience of professionals in the industry, Madrid Software has successfully placed their students with companies like EY, Accenture, and Paytm. This institute is highly recommended if you plan to pursue aCareer in Business Analyticsfrom Delhi.
  • Upgrad: An online platform that would train you to become a business analyst from your desktop. Upgrad offers online courses that you could watch at your convenience, without quitting your current job. Apart from this, the courses that they provide are based on business learning problems and predictive analysis. The courses are affordable, and they are online, you can also save a lot of traveling time and invest that in your skills.
  • Simplilearn: They offer an exclusive course in Business analytics, and have tied up with IBM. The course includes the teaching of CCBA, master excel, Tableau, etc. Based in Noida, they offer you this course with highly skilled international project managers, the price ranges nominal, and they assure you a successful future in business analytics, right after the completion of the course, with a course duration of one year. Simplilearn has placement tie-ups with top companies pan India.
  • Greatlearning: They offer you a combination of two courses in one. As a PG program, the course teaches you data science with business analysis. Apart from this, there is something extra that Greatlearning is offering which could assist in a better understanding of the practical world. Greatlearning provides practice Hackathons, where the student can create a healthy competition among themselves. They offer the course both online and offline mode, with centers across the country.


  • Jigsaw Acadamy:  The course offered here is certified by top institutions in India. They offer a course that would teach you Hadoop, Kaggle, SQL, python, etc. They have recently introduced a concept, where the student can bring in his project, and the institution will help them realize their project. They have successfully placed their students with companies like Pepsico, Flipkart, and Infosys. The duration of this course is 10 months, assuring a high package in business analysis.

Choosing any of these institutes will guarantee that you will become a successful business analyst in the future. The benefit of choosing them is that you will achieve your target much earlier than you have planned.

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