Tips For Water Tank Cleaning Services

Every day, you get to clean your residential place and workplace from mopping to dusting and on occasion, you do the deep cleaning of the entire place. But when it comes to clean the water tank, you start wondering about someone who professionally and conveniently cleans your water tank. The cleaning water tank is very necessary because it is related to your health and for this, you get to clean water tank every 6 months or so. In the case, you don’t see anything wrong but you need to clean and disinfect from common constipation such as ants, rats, cockroaches, etc.

And if water supplied contains a high level of dissolved solids in your area then professional cleaning services to get the tank and sump cleaned and disinfected.

Here, in this blog, best professional housekeeping services provider in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad “Safaiwale” managing partner “Mr. Prashant Kumar” shares tips for water tank cleaning services.

Nowadays demand for overhead water tank cleaning services have increased over more than 30 % as per survey due to increase awareness of healthy drinking water. Safaiwale uses most advanced technologies, trained manpower, tools and supplies to ensure the best quality water cleaning services to their customers. Follow the below effective tips for the cleaning of water tank at your required places.

First, Start With Draining of Tank

For cleaning the tank, you should be drained out because it is essential before the cleaning. And for this, open the washout valve which draws water from the base rather than the normal outlet valve. And after emptying your tank, you are ready to move to the next step of cleaning.

Clean The Interior Of The Tank

After empty the tank, it’s time to clean the interior of the inside water tank. You take a good quality cleaner, make one cleaning detergent, baking soda and clean the interior walls through the help of the brush. Don’t try to get it into the tank and instead attach a brush to a pole and scrub the interior walls of the tank. Vigorously scrub the tank as there may be too much of pollutants sticking to the walls. “Safaiwale” uses natural products, water jet to clean the water tank effectively.

Remove The Impurities

In the water  tank, impurities settle down in the bottom such as algae, sand, bacteria, virus, moss, and mud and for the remove it, you need special equipment. If you don’t have the tool, try doing it using the pole. But “Safaiwale” -cleaning services have some advanced tools and methods to remove the impurities from the water tank.

Wash The Water Tank

Now it’s a time to wash  the tank with using a hose pipe after  finally scrubbed the interior walls and hold the pipe a little tight and you also fill the tank and leave it for a couple of hours then steer it and wash the interior of the tank properly and empty the tank again. While doing this, be careful to not waste the water. But whichever cleaning the method you use, keep cleaning the tank until there are no longer traces of detergent in the water. That’s why a hose or jet pipe is the best solution because the water coming out from the pipes would have tremendous force, which is good for washing purpose and professional “Safaiwale” tank cleaning services have these tools and hence their services are recommended in Delhi NCR.

Now, your water tank is clean and clear, and ready to be filled with water for domestic usage.

Why Select Professional Cleaning  Service Company?

Hire a professional cleaning services which provide water tank cleaning services and let them clean the tank and you can but if you have known how to clean then you can do it yourself.

By having a professional water tank cleaning is better & timesaver because they have trained professionals on board who can clean the tank efficiently. Because they have advanced technologies and types of equipment for cleaning the water tank.

So, if you are looking for a reliable  and best housekeeping  services for your residential place or offices, then it is recommended that you get in touch with “Safaiwale” through call or email as they ensure water cleaning services and also, have rich experience in the housekeeping industry for the past couple of years  and they are ready to serve and  help you to deal with the water tank cleaning services in the best rates.

Safaiwale cleans the following  types of tanks  –

  • Concrete Tanks
  • Single Panel GRP Tanks
  • Polyurethane Tanks
  • Multi-Panel GRP Tanks
  • Moulded Fibreglass Tanks
  • Overhead Water Tank
  • Underground Water Tank
  • Professional Water Tank
  • Household Water Tank
  • Industry Water Tank

Safaiwale provides service at the below the sector in Delhi NCR :

  • Swimming pools public or private.
  • Hotels, bars, and restaurants
  • Industrial and office
  • Apartments and residential buildings
  • School, hospitals, colleges.
  • Nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Besides this, if you have any queries/questions to ask, then do let us know in the comment box below.

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