The Youth Icon Bhavik Kumar Goti shines as an Entrepreneur : the Founder of Goti ad Tech, Goti infoways and Kiayara

Time and again it has been proved by inspirational icons that struggles make a person stronger and the battles fought lead to many victories. It has also been proved by many successful personalities that your passion and dedication to your goals need no mastery in Academics and formal qualifications. One such inspirational icon is Bhavik Kumar Goti who couldn’t be stopped by his poor financial conditions, to achieve his dreams and goals.

Merely at the age of 17, Bhavik Kumar Goti had to enter the world of carrying responsibilities and began his job in an e-commerce company on a payment of just Rs 10,000. His Financial State didn’t allow him to pursue higher education and after completing the 12th standard, he walked to build his career and earn his livelihood. Dreams were high and his financial crisis couldn’t pull him back from reaching his dreams. Although Bhavik was not technically trained, he mastered his skills by following lessons on Youtube and practicing rigorously whatever he learned.

Bhavik Kumar Goti started his journey from online selling and at the age of just 18, he started his own venture in the form of a Digital Marketing Firm and Web development company by the name of Goti as tech and Goti infoways based in Surat. Today, Bhavik’s Digital Marketing company has more than ten employees, and they are providing services to many prominent clients.

Bhavik’s aspirations were high and his journey of entrepreneurship had no halt. At the age of 25, he launched his new brand ‘Kiayara’ in 2017 dealing with clothing and cosmetics products like organic hair shampoo, oil serum, and many such products. This company began in the retail sector and today it is a proud clothing brand. We can find his brand on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart.

Bhavik Kumar Goti is indeed an exemplary figure who from nowhere to everywhere has established his identity as a successful Entrepreneur. His company has a turnover of around 2 crores in a year. Here is not where he ends his dreams. Bhavik will soon start a retail store chain all over India by the name of Kiayara in 2024.

Bhavik Kumar Goti expresses his gratitude to his father Jayantibhai Goti who guides him from time to time to take the right decisions. He proudly states his father and mother are his role models who stood like pillars in all his difficult times. Bhavik Kumar Goti today is an inspiration to the youth who cannot pursue higher education due to various circumstances. He inspires youth who cannot join any IT field or technical courses and guides them to build their own venture. Mr. Goti today feels proud to deal every day with new clients and expresses his satisfaction for providing more than satisfactory services.

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