The Renowned Spiritual Consultant Jinal Soni wins the ‘Super 30 Woman” award from femmetimes

Jinal Soni, a Spiritual Consultant, Mentor,and Life Coach with over 25 years of experience in the realm of holistic healing is making waves and solving problems with her exceptional talent for spiritual healing. Recently the renowned media company femmetimes honoured her with the Super 30 Woman Awards for her exceptional contribution to the field of spiritual healing. Based out of Ahmedabad this young, ambitious, and dynamic game changer founded Spiritual Vibes with the mission to not only provideSpiritual healing but also to impart certified courses in alternative medicine, advanced yoga, and meditation. Destined to achieve bigger goals and milestones in the years to come Jinal Soni is raring to go.

Claim to Fame – Jinal Soni

  • Winner of Super 30 Woman Awards by femmetimes
  • Mentored thousands of individuals by sharing her well-treasured knowledge for the overall welfare of others
  • Established Spiritual Vibes to improve the lives of the people with spiritual guidance
  • Featured in interviews on prominent platforms like Zee News, Divya Bhaskar, News 18, and Gujarat First, contributing to the betterment of lives.
  • Discovered unique spiritual gifts at a young age, fostering a deep belief in the transformative power of spiritualism and healing
  • Specialised as Reiki Grand Master, Lama Fera Master Teacher, Crystal Healer & Therapist, Humkara with Haleem Healer, Advance Pranic Healer, and Yoga Instructor

About Spiritual Vibes

Spiritual Vibes, founded by Jinal Soni, offers remedies to address a variety of circumstances, including Usui Reiki, Lama Fera, Crystal therapeutic, and Humkara with Haleem. In addition to offering counselling, Jinal runs SpiritualVibes, a company that offers accredited courses in meditation, advanced yoga, and alternative medicine. Jinal Soni is a source of spiritual guidance and life-changing lessons, dedicated to improving lives from all aspects.

With a blend of modern trends and technologies, Spiritual Vibes has been founded to provide online support and courses, allowing people worldwide to easily connect with them and benefit from their services. It goes without saying, that maintaining one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being is a responsibility for all people. And spirituality is the place to go for that. The only way that someone can be happy quickly and easily and keep other people happy is through spirituality.

Jinal Soni’s spiritual wisdom and healing methods have helped her effectively deal with each client’s challenges. Her proficiency with distance healing is strong, and she has achieved remarkable results in treating a range of medical, psychological, and financial conditions. Together with distance healing, she also provides student healing to encourage young minds and fosters their mental growth by helping them overcome addiction and harmful habits.

In the words of Jinal Soni “In today’s fast-paced world, distance healing is considered to be incredibly beneficial for reducing stress and promoting healthy relationships.Not only that, but it’s also essential for quickly and painlessly resolving marital disputes without consuming anyone’s time.”

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