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“Choose the right option with the option box”

We have a vision to create a place where people can learn trading before actually entering the market and enhance their skills so that the fear of loss no longer hampers anyone’s dream to enter the world of trading not only learning but our platform will also give the chance to make real time trade with full security and proper data, thus; all get a chance to increase their hard-earned money by using their skills and knowledge.

Our platform is for everyone it doesn’t judge you on the bases of your education, profession, gender, age etc because we have developed it in the easiest manner so that whosoever comes to our website or app can easily understand the world of trade.

We all have read and listened to the lines that “Practise makes the man perfect” so at our platform you have unlimited options to practise your skills every day and we value your time, thus; with each trade you get a chance to earn points and these points help you to win exciting prizes. In order to help you develop into a seasoned trader and investor, we offer a comprehensive platform that allows you to trade stocks and options in real time and provides access to insightful analytical tools and post-trade analysis.

At our platform you have unlimited opportunities to try your hands on trade with our virtual money and till the time you are not sure, you can keep on practising and once you are sure, you can enter the real world of stock market.

We are an education platform and our motto is to make you aware and skilled about each and every aspect of market before you jump into the real world of stock trading so that when you enter you win every battle which stock market throws each and every second.

We provide you with proper analytics such as total traded days, average profit, best gain, worst loss etc as it only guides you to analyse your performance and make you aware about your growth.

We also have a TOB score at our app and website, TOB score is a ranking based system which finds stocks based on various technical parameters such as MACD, moving average, RSI etc. and based on it you can easily identify stocks which has higher TOB score and the stocks which have less TOB score.

If you have ever heard the name of Option Chain and Option strategies then you must have heard the remarks that “understanding options is too tough” but not on our platform where we have the defined option chain where you can trade and learn to trade your favourite option from the chain and earn profits. We also bring you Chrono trading based on different tried and tested strategies so that you learn and grow in a 360-degree format not leaving even a single stone unturned.

We have over 500 stocks listed on NSE and making right decision and finding the best stock is tough but we have made it easy for you just go click on stock categories and pick a stock that suits you, we have penny stocks, blue chop stocks, F &O stocks and you name it and we have it.

We value your time and we cherish your competitive spirit thus we have a leader board where you can earn points based on your everyday trade and higher the points higher your leader board rank and chances of winning the prices.

Along with our app and website we also understand the need of social media presence and thus, we have our channel on YouTube and our Instagram page where we keep on sharing the everyday market analytics and videos related to each and very topic on trading such as theme stocks, fundamental analysis, technical analysis etc.  We are here for you and if you want to reach out to us on any query you can write to us or Dm us on our social media so that you can ‘Choose the right option with the option box”

Our app is available for all the android devices and soon we are launching it on IOS.

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