The Importance of Finding Humor in Small Moments: A Look at the Work of Prantik Mitra.

Meet Prantik Mitra, a highly experienced insurance professional, author, and risk management specialist. Prantik holds an MBA in finance and is a trained risk management specialist from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Munich Re, Munich, American Re, Princeton, New Jersey, and Tokio Marine, Tokyo.

As a faculty member at various institutes, Prantik teaches general insurance and risk management-related subjects. He is also an active blogger, and his blogs are known for their humorous take on daily life situations and events. Prantik believes that humor can be found in every aspect of life.

Prantik’s passion for risk management led him to write a book on the basics of risk management, which he believes can be the first step for anyone interested in the field. His keen observations of day-to-day events and anecdotes also led him to write another book titled “Butterflies in my Bonnet,” which explores the humorous side of life.

In an interview, Prantik talks about the importance of identifying risks and managing them scientifically, adding that the identification process is not a simple one. The most critical aspect of risk management is to identify the risks in relation to the end goal that one wants to achieve.

While risk management may be a serious topic, the entire process is laden with various processes, steps, discourses, events that can be impregnated with humor, as observed by Prantik in his extensive experience in the field.

Prantik’s book, “Butterflies in my Bonnet,” highlights the importance of finding humor in everyday life, and how it can make a big difference in one’s perspective. Prantik shares how his risk management practices have often led to humorous situations, such as a security guard calling his wife instead of an emergency number or a manager calling an ambulance instead of the fire brigade.

In his books, Prantik talks about residual risk and risk appetite, both of which are significant concepts in risk management. Residual risk is something that still persists even after identifying, analyzing, and taking measures to reduce risks. Risk appetite, on the other hand, refers to an organization’s conscious ability to retain a certain extent of risks on their own.

Prantik’s books delve into the key concepts of risk management and the importance of finding humor in life. The books are not only informative but also entertaining, with humorous anecdotes and stories that keep readers engaged.

Below are the links of the books by Prantik Mitra:

Risk Management Basics: link

Butterflies in My Bonnet – Sneak Peek into Life: link

In conclusion, Prantik’s work offers a unique perspective on risk management, emphasizing the importance of identifying risks, managing them, and finding humor in life. His books are a valuable addition to any bookshelf, offering both practical advice and a lighthearted approach to life’s challenges.


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