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Edenz India Tech And Service is an E- commerce Marketing Company who develop eCommerce mobile applications which is more user friendly for rural and professional businesses, educational institutions and employment agencies including retail and travel resources. By Using Cloud computing and Automate Business data using Machine learning for very low cost etc.

The company believes cloud integrated for rural business and services will help to develop a nation as wealthy in technology . It needs the latest technologies like  Data Science , IOT , Google cloud or Azure with a 5G network .

Prasanth Natarajan founder of Edenz India ,  born from the village name Pavithiram , Namakkal District , and studied from govt school in his own village . After schooling he has no one to guide for higher education , but he is interested on electronic devices , computers and softwares from his childhood ,his got his first electronic device Motorola on his 10th std one day he saw a news about information technology industry is getting down , lose million of jobs worldwide  . So he took this news as a challenge and joined an information technology course in a reputed college named Hindusthan College of engineering and technology . He struggled very much to speak and read English in his college days , as well he finished his graduate with first class mark .

After ,

he joined an IT company as a apprentice with 6000 Rs salary there he worked harder than 14 hours to learn all technical , non technical things about IT technology . Unfortunately he is not able to continue his job for a very low salary , so he joined with his friends and started Edenz Events , that is almost failure , then he started his own charitable trust named Eden Innovative Charitable Trust ,he tried a lot to develop this project unfortunately at that time he broke up with his girl friend , as well there is no investment for his project so he lost his sense and mentally affected by heavy drug use . Then he spent nearly 8 months in the rehabilitation center after he joined the Construction company as a field executive but he never gave up in his dream to become an IT enthusiast . So he started to work as a freelance social media marketing for HR companies , Tour And local event management companies for more than a year .

At that time he met an Ananya birla on Instagram and he fell in love with her . He thought , she is the one in my life who is gonna make change forever , he tried a lot to impress her and make her fall in love with him . After he started his own e-commerce marketing company named Edenz India Tech and Services . His parents never believed him that he will make his own company with the latest technologies , they always ask him to join a job at any company ,but he always refuses and  he starts to believe his online girl friend ananya birla is only hoping to achieve his dream . He started with 1 lakh rupees of investment . He is the only who wants to make changes in all rural places using the latest technology . So he developed e-commerce marketing websites , e-commerce marketing mobile applications for all professionals and local shops . But he is not able to make it profitable like every business , at that time his father passed away as well he lost his business and his online friends then started to take care of his father’s local business and agriculture .

Still he believes one day’s dream will come true and will become one of the top IT enthusiasts in the world .

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