The Crazy Tales’ Women’s Conclave & Awards 2023 successfully wrapped up on January 24  in New Delhi

The 5th Women’s Conclave and Awards 2023 were organized by The Crazy Tales on January 24. The Award Ceremony was held at the Radisson Blu, Dwarka, in New Delhi. The Crazy Tales has organized this Award Ceremony every year and has honored influential women from all parts of the nation. The women hold the credit for doing exemplary work in their fields of expertise. The Women’s Conclave and Awards is an amalgamation of women from forty different categories. It showcases views from women of diverse fields as the panelists. All the stories who are part of the Conclave and Award Show are featured in the The Crazy Tales.

The event focuses on honoring women from different sections of India who fought against societal norms and made an identity for themselves. The event started with the lamp lighting ceremony followed by the Ganesh Vandana. All the panelists, awardees along with the founders of The Crazy Tales, Mr. Manish Mishra and Mrs. Amrita Kar, and Special Guests of Honor – Mrs. Mamta Mohan Singh Ji were invited on the stage for the lamp lighting ceremony, which marked the commencement of the 5th Women’s Conclave and Awards Show 2023.

A beautiful and engaging dance performance by Vaanya Kanchan was the starter of the show. Her dance moves and her energy were so infectious that she made the whole auditorium light up.

Amrita Kar then greeted the panelists and the awardees for taking out their precious time and joining the event. She introduced the chief guest f the day, Special Commissioner, of Delhi Police Mr. Robin Hibu. Mr. Hibu is the first IPS officer from Arunachal Pradesh and was appointed as the CSO at Rashtrapati Bhavan. He also holds the position of managing director at Delhi Police Housing Corporation.

Mrs. Kar moved on to share the idea behind developing The Crazy Tales website . It was to give a platform, a forum for all the men and women who are doing exceptionally well in their field to share their exemplary stories with other women striving to achieve their own identity. She is a firm believer in “women supporting women”, which is why she believes that everyone should strive to achieve financial independence and make their own space in society. She urged every guest to share their stories because stories have the power to bring change in society and uplift women.

The event consisted of two panel discussion on “Work-Life Balance” and the “Health and Mental Strength Should be Taken Care of.”

The attendees for the panel discussion included eminent personalities like Simran Narula, Founder of Aasaby Simran; Sampada Kulkarni, Founder of Coffee Needs Waffle; Shweta Prasad Verma, an NLP Practitioner and Tarot Reader; Dr. Debangana Baruah, Director of Hindustan Offset Pvt. Ltd.; Sneha Jain, Prolific Writer; Pallavi Chauhan, Nutritionist; Dr. Mamta Mohan Singh, Philanthropist; and Prabhjyot Kaur, Founder of Media Shark.

The first panel discussion took insightful views of Simran Narula, an entrepreneur; Sampada Kulkarni, an entrepreneur; Sweta Prasad Verma, an NLP Practitioner and Tarot Reader; Sneha Jain, Prolific Writer.

The second panel included of Dr. Debangana Baruah, Director of Hindustan Offset Pvt. Ltd.; Sneha Jain, Prolific Writer; Pallavi Chauhan, Nutritionist; Dr. Mamta Mohan Singh, Philanthropist; and Prabhjyot Kaur, an entrepreneur .

The event was formally inaugurated by Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Robin Hibu gave a speech about his active involvement with the Women and Child welfare in the society. He said that he has been an activist and an advocate for the promotion of women and child welfare and this shows in his works over the years. His experiences by working with Kofi Annan in the United Nations as well as the President of the Rashtrapati Bhavan have taught him that every woman needs to gain financial independence to have an equal pedestal in society. He thanked all the panelists for their insightful discussion and their views. He assured that their ideas would be inculcated in the policies made for the development of social conditions of women and children.

Dr. Mamta Mohan Singh in her address to the audience emphasized on the importance of celebrating your wins yourself. She urged the women to not wait for someone to come and celebrate their wins for them. They should do it themselves and keep themselves encouraged.

Mr. Hibu’s encouraging and inspiring speech was followed by a moving dance performance by Vaanya Kanchan as a tribute to the Pran Pratishtha Ceremony in Ayodhya on January 22, 2024.

The awardees were felicitated by the Chief Guest Special Commissioner, of Delhi Police Robin Hibu, and the founders of The Crazy Tales, Mrs. Amrita Kar and Mr. Manish Mishra.

The awardees for the event were

  1. Rashika RA Iyer – Best Social Contributor and Columnist, 2023
  2. Aarti Mahajan – Women of Excellence, 2023
  3. Dr. Subhashree Patnaik – Best Social Contributor and Changemaker, 2023
  4. Disha Roy – Best Emerging Social Influencer, 2023
  5. Karishma Seth – Best Social Changemaker, 2023
  6. Dr. Debangana Barush – Best Social Entrepreneurr, 2023
  7. Aishwarya Sampath Kumar – Best emerging Tamil Historian, 2023
  8. Neelam Mishra – Best Social Worker, 2023
  9. Anju Devadas – Best Emerging Woman of Business, 2023
  10. Vishu Bala – Best Make-Up Artist and Trainer, 2023
  11. Nazma Azim – Best Emerging Woman Entrepreneur, 2023
  12. Dr. Sarika Bisariya – Best Clinical Expert 2023
  13. Mrigakshi Roy – Women of Excellence, 2023
  14. Dr. Yukti Wadhwan – Best Cosmetic Gynaecologist, 2023
  15. Dr. Taklemayun Sangita – Best Social Enterprenuer and Changemaker, 2023
  16. Liyi Marli Noshi – Best Legal Expert, 2023
  17. Vanya Kanchan Singh – Best Performer 2023
  18. Dr. Neeta Pant – Excellence in Social Work, 2023
  19. Dr. Suneeta Gautam – Best Clinical Expert, 2023
  20. Nita Bhoshale – Best Educator, 2023
  21. Uthra Devi R – Prolific Artist, 2023
  22. Ayesh Haneef – Best Health and Nutrition Advisor, 2023
  23. Dr. Asha Arya – Best Social Worker, 2023
  24. Dr. Preeti Hooda – Best Academician, 2023
  25. Ashi Sharma – Best Lifestyle Coach and Tarot Reader, 2023
  26. Monica Menon – Best Women of Excellence, 2023
  27. Pratibha Pawar – Best Social Worker, 2023
  28. M Karthika Santosh – Prolific Writer and Author, 2023
  29. Divya Kalra – Best Reiki Grandmaster and Life Coach 2023
  30. Bhavna Mishra Ramakrishnan – Prolific Author, 2023
  31. Shri, Prolific Writer, 2023
  32. Nethravathi S – Best Woman of Excellence, 2023
  33. Dr. G Bhuvaneshwari – Best Educationist, 2023
  34. Banasmita Baruah – Best Prolific Writer, 2023
  35. Mridula Bagrodia – Best Women of Business, 2023
  36. Isika Violinist – Young Emerging Artist, 2023
  37. Rimjhim Dubey – Best Anchor, 2023
  38. Simran Narula – Best Fashion Brand, 2023
  39. Veer Group – Best Rice Brand, 2023
  40. Svastya Organic Farms – Best Social Enterprise, 2023
  41. Neha Sangal and Harshit Sangal – Best Kids’ Fashionprenuer, 2023
  42. Iti Saxena – Best Event Planner, 2023
  43. Soomya Jaggi – Best Tarot Card Reader and Expert, 2023
  44. Dr. Dipooja Patil – Women of Excellence, 2023
  45. Dr. Charu Rajpal Batra – Best Women of Excellence, 2023
  46. Jasleen Kaur – Best Home Baker, 2023
  47. Dr. Shefali Gambhir – Best Physiotherapist and Health Expert, 2023
  48. Laxmi Chauhan – Best Emerging Fashion Designer, 2023
  49. Malik T. Husain – Women of Excellence, 2023
  50. Richa Sadh Makeovers – Best Makeup Artist, 2023
  51. Er. Mansi Gaikar – Woman of Excellence, 2023
  52. Dr. Anup Sharma – Founder-Kanha Academy

The event was brought to a beautiful ending by a wonderful Musical Performance on violin by Ishika.

The Crazy Tales would like to extend its warm greetings to the Veer Group for their immense support.

Dr. Anup Sharma, founder of Kanha Academy was a Special Guest of Honor.

The team would also like to extend its warm regards to its partners, Kulreeti, AasabySimran, Svastya Organic Farms, Purple Forest by Jazz, Richa Sadh Makeovers and Meeta’s for making the 5th Crazy Tales Conclave and Award Show a successful one.

The team of The Crazy Tales would like to extend heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all the supporters and attendees of the conclave and award show. It would also like to thank the awardees of the event for being such an inspiration to women all over the world.

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