The advent of ‘The Advisor’ to counsel for Education, Personality, Career & Life

All in sundry to get benefitted through Psychometric Test & Finger Print Analysis

Know your STRENGTHS, to achieve your GOALS – the tagline aptly applies the counselling services offered by The Advisor ( as it is aimed to assist the children, students, young adults & professionals in their education, personality, career & life per se through Psychometric Test & Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) – the Finger Print analysis.

Based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh The Advisor is headed by Asif Z Rizvi as Director, who is having more than 27 years of corporate experience, is a throughout 1st  Division holder / Topper, International Certified Career Coach (ICCC), DMIT Counselor, PG Diploma (Mass Comm.) – Gold Medallist, LLB, MBA (Marketing), BA (Hon’s – Geography), and a certified Pranic Healer who has counselled hundreds of students & young adults in choosing their career options, shaping the personality & grooming the life of professionals.

As per Asif Z Rizvi, over the past few decades, research in the field of learning has led to the discovery of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In short, this theory states that each person has different ways of learning and they use different intelligences in their daily lives. While some can learn very well in a linguistically-based environment (reading and writing), others are better taught through mathematical-logic based learning. Still others benefit most from body-kinesthetic intelligence (learning by doing with the hands). According to Rizvi, one of the most significant results of the theory of multiple intelligences is how it has provided eight different potential pathways to learning.

The Advisor Approach – Benefit of Understanding Multiple Intelligences

The Advisor works through Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT): the finger-print analysis and Psychometric Test.

DMIT is a biometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints. DMIT is useful for all age groups; it is particularly beneficial for parents, teachers, and young adults to understand the person’s strengths as well as areas that need molding.

Asif Z Rizvi says that at The Advisor, four types of 68 page reports are offered though DMIT – Basic, Lifetime (Personality), Human Resource (HR) and Compatibility report.

While through the Psychometric Test, the child’s psychology is being analyzed through a 9-Page self-explanatory report.

Asif Z Rizvi explains the concept and working of The Advisor in an exceptionally logical fashion and very methodically digs at the need of assessing the individual’s personality – children & teenagers, employers and young adults through Multiple Intelligence Tests.

For Children & Teenagers

Do you know your child’s brain dominance – left or right?

The Advisor will help you understand your child’s skills, abilities and the areas that require improvement to select the best career opportunity for him / her through the most advanced methods.

You will also get to know how to monitor & assess your child’s growth and competency level, improve relationship with children & teenagers and most important – The Advisor will guide your children to overcome stress, confusion and depression. Also, it will assist children to get more marks with less & guided efforts.

For Employers

The Advisor identifies the personality traits of the employees, their planning and working abilities and delivery style and assesses their core competency level.

The Advisor will also help to develop an ‘All Star Staff’ by improving their capabilities, identifying & polishing their strengths, working on weaknesses through required training and restructuring the employed pool for higher productivity. It will also guide to overcome stress, confusion and depression of the employees.

For Young Adults

While we can count our strengths, we can’t list our weaknesses. This is the main reason that we are unaware of the areas we need to improve upon. With the help of the advanced method used at The Advisor you can identify & improve your core competency and achieve your goals & dreams.

You can know –

  • Your personal abilities and strengths.
  • Your best education option and career prospects.
  • Your learning style that’s most beneficial for you.
  • Your compatibility with your partner.

You can improve –

  • Usage of time for giving maximum productivity in least possible time.
  • Your personal relationships with your parents, family members & partner.

You can learn –

  • Stress handling in different situations.
  • Overcoming confusion, disappointment & depression.

The Advisor believes that when educators, parents & corporate are given the freedom to move away from the traditional, visually-based methods of teaching, they will have the opportunity to widen their circle more effectively. By teaching to the dominant learning intelligences, teachers, parents and corporate will find students, children & employees to be more receptive and more willing to engage in the learning process and hence being more productive.

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