Started with ₹ 90,000 investment and became ₹ 18 crore in revenue foodBrand – The Tummy Section success story

Nikhil Arora, Pankaj Arora, and Yash Suri, three friends, created The Tummy Section, India’s

fastest-growing restaurant franchise, in 2009. Their story started first from a small, rented

kiosk in Jail Road, West Delhi where they started selling Shawarma with a personal twist

and named it Shawario, sold for just Rs 30. They were there to conquer and in just the first 3

months, West Delhi was entirely addicted to Shawario. In the following months, the branch

expanded and they introduced new food items on the list while keeping Shawario as the

heart and soul of TTS. In just 13 years, The Tummy Section rose from a small investment of

Rs 90,000 to an annual turnover of Rs 18 crores.

But why Shawario?

The co-founder Nikhil Arora responds, “Shawario has always been the heart and soul of The

Tummy Section since 2009 because the entire menu is built around it. The only reason we

were able to develop so much around one thing—be it wraps, burgers, pizzas, or anything

else—was that it was always the most original thing we three had ever made together. This

ultimately altered how we now run The Tummy Section.

Delhi showed love, so much that within 8 months of being inaugurated, due to high demand,The Tummy Section expanded. From a single kiosk in West Delhi outside a shop with 500rupees rent per day to their first cafe model. And this was just the start of a big story. On May28, 2009, TTS relocated to a larger location that included a 36-seat cafe. Following that theyopened their second outlet in Rajouri Garden in 2018. The pandemic came with the finalpush to create this masterpiece. When the country was struck in 2020 The Tummy Sectionstarted acquiring and onboarding expert personnel when the rest of the globe was experiencing layoffs, which launched The Tummy Section’s official growth trajectory at the

end of 2020. Since then, they have rapidly expanded their wings, opening 13 outlets in the

previous two years, and they intend to open 15 additional outlets in Delhi NCR this year.

The Tummy Section has been bootstrapped since its establishment and paved the way itself

for opening food outlets in commercial locations of Delhi like Jail Road, Punjabi Bagh,

Rajouri Garden, Malviya Nagar, and also Gurgaon, Faridabad and Sonipat & many more.

Nikhil says, “A precise understanding of our customers’ tastes was one of the most important

factors in establishing a healthy bottom line for The Tummy Section. We always focused on

keeping things simple yet the best in quality and that’s what pulled us through in this

competitive market. In fact, The Tummy Section continued to advance because, in addition to supplying valueproducts, this food business invested in the correct kind of capabilities. This was done byrecognizing customer tastes and meeting their expectations. And it was during the Pandemicwhen The Tummy Section’s genuine expansion was seen.”

Here activities are connected by a smooth flow of information throughout the organisation,

flawless work processes, and strong management processes. They have a firm

understanding of their operations, thanks to the strong connections throughout the

organisation. The operational, financial, human resources, marketing, and training

requirements of the business are met by 30+ staff members at central kitchen level &

company currently operates 15 locations in the Delhi NCR with a strong team of 150+people

across all outlets.

The story doesn’t just end with Shawario

The Tummy Section is renowned for pioneering fusion food and treats. Together with

Shawario, they also sell a variety and new mix of other foods like Cheeky Shawario Buns,

Shawario Wraps, Shawario pizzas, and much more.

By employing a chef-free business model and a standard cooking approach that is

exclusively based on SOPs, they set themselves apart from the competitors. The Tummy

Section runs on systems and processes rather than the unique cooking skills of its team.

Thanks to the effective operations and regular training in place, even a newbie can visit and

learn to prepare the meal within a week.

Some of the awards this much-loved chain won are:

– Certified by and for serving the best shawarios in DelhiNCR.

– Awarded by TOI for best delivery system

– Awarded by LBB and HT City as the best Shawario in Town.

But nothing can surpass the heart of your customers and they had done it with great finesse.

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