Small Town Boys From Tamilnadu, Who Build A Million Dollar Company

Isn’t it exciting how some start-ups grow quickly and become the dominant brand in their industry? Furthermore, don’t you find it incredibly motivating and inspiring that people from lower-middle-class families had an idea, executed it, and quickly turned it into a million-dollar company?

I know it sounds a bit cliche, but trust me, the story of the leading drop-shipping brand “Printwear” should be known around the globe and especially to the people who want to explore the field of drop-shipping.

The Best Drop Shipping Brand

 We all know the success stories of Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, which is now known as “Meta,” but have we ever thought about how these brands struggled in their initial days? The days when no one believed in the idea of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs’ motivation behind building Apple.

Similarly, two boys from Tamil Nadu (Santhosh and Sai) from lower-middle-class families was not from IIT or IIM, built India’s best drop-shipping brand, Printwear Company, and quickly grew it from nothing to a becoming million-dollar company.

The majority of the players failed in the process due to overrates, as they discovered after studying many e-commerce companies. Many brands face the main issue of stocking their products, which requires a significant investment. The burning cost of unsold goods is the biggest burden for the majority of businesses.

 Santhosh and Sai aimed to assist the brands in reducing their inventory costs by using the print-on-demand and drop-shipping models. On the other hand, there was no manufacturing company in India that provided a print-on-demand and drop-shipping service.

 And that is whenPrintwear was born!

Adversity Faced By Santhosh and Sai

Founders of Printwear, said, “We were the core manufacturers who wanted to launch our own fashion brand because we had extensive experience producing knitted clothing. However, after researching the fashion market, we discovered that all fashion brands struggle to maintain their inventory and incur significant costs for storage and warehousing.”

This is the key to their business. They researched their niche and found the biggest problem in the fashion industry related to the manufacturing and warehousing of the products, but both of them had only one vision: to build a brand that solves this problem.

Founders had to regularly update the catalogue in order to provide the customers with more options to sell. This required extensive research and analysis of the fashion industry in order to develop a system that solves the problem.

Setting up the necessary equipment, storing it, and assembling a team of experts in all areas of the system—IT, product development, designing, printing, production, quality, dispatch teams, and much more—required a significant initial outlay and a lot of perseverance to complete the entire process.

These were the initial problems they faced, but it doesn’t end here.

Now comes the biggest issue that they faced—Covid! Most entrepreneurs have dropped the idea of building a brand after the virus outbreak. The entire world was still reeling from the devastation, but founders had only one goal in mind. As a result, soon after COVID ended, they began bootstrapping their brand Printwear, and furiously began importing machinery and recruiting a team. However, it wasn’t easy for them to find the best minds and motivate them to build a brand so soon after COVID, but Printwear still came into existence.

Secondly, investment was one of the biggest challenges they faced— running a drop shipping company is surely not a kids play! Around the globe, only 10% of the drop-shipping brands succeed; the rest fail miserably. Printwear was required to maintain an inventory of more than 2 lakhs products stored at warehouse at all times. There has been a huge chunk of investment required, and since founders believed in this model, they have given it everything to make it a profitable business.

Additionally, onboarding brands was not a simple task; they needed to help them understand the procedure and develop a relationship of trust with Printwear. And demonstrate to them that this is the most effective way for fashion companies to reduce their expensive inventory and warehouse costs.

Current Position Of Printwear In The Market

Printwear was founded in March 2021 and enables fashion firms that sell online to operate without inventory and storage, allowing them to concentrate more on marketing and sales. Printwear assists brands by completing orders through their merchant panel. And this is one of the major reasons behind the exceptional growth of the brand!

 Big fashion companies like Bewakoof have joined Printwear so that they may fulfill orders under their own brand names while saving money on inventory and warehousing, and all thanks goes to the Print on Demand strategy.

So far, with the help of Printwear, more than 1200 fashion businesses have benefited from the fulfillment of more than one million products across India. And to remind you again, the brand was just launched a few months ago.

Printwear has successfully added more than 1200 fashion labels since it was founded in 2021. Since that time, there has been no turning back for the brand or for its founders.

From a team of two, it has quickly expanded to a strong team of over 25 great minds.


Printwear has expanded rapidly in a short period of time. Printwear was at its peak even after facing many major adversities, while all other drop-shipping companies were failing miserably.

 With the help of their great-minded team and the immense efforts put in by Santosh and Sai, Printwear has successfully fulfilled more than 5 million products within two years and onboarded more than 1200 leading fashion brands across India to work with them.

A decade from today, Founder’s vision is to make Printwear the leading drop-shipping brand across the globe and to hold the majority of shares in the Indian print-on-demand and drop-shipping market.

Also, the current market value of customization for fashion brands is around $29 billion and is expected to reach $40 billion by 2026, and Printwear will be one of the finest brands in the market by that time.

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