Sidhant Joshi on his journey of demystifying the Supernatural and Paranormal Occultism

Sidhant Joshi

Sidhant JoshiIt all began with a book on Indrajal tantra that I bought for 50 rupees at a railway station, but that journey never stopped.”

Sidhant Joshi is an Occultist and Founder @ A-Disha, which simply translates to “The Direction”. He started at the age of 12, and is in this practice for more than 13 years and has mentored over 10,000+ students in Tarot, Spellcasting, Aura, Energy Shifts, and the list is endless. When solicited about his quest, this is what he had to say- “Occult is the foremost thing that I infer of and have been perpetuating. Having been pertained in myriad spiritual organisations like Brahma Kumaris, Art Of Living, Radha Soami and so on in my early childhood, the occult has always been intriguing me.”

With abundant experience in serving more than 7500+ clients, he possesses knowledge of over 53+ modalities ranging from- Ritual Magick, Ceremonial Magick, Hoodoo, Shabar Tantra, Mahavidya, Demonology, Ceremonial Magick, Haitian Vodou, Islamic Tantra, Reiki, Lama Fera, Tarot, Psychic Reading, Aura and Chakra Reading, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Magnified Healing, Kundalini Reiki, etc. At the age of 18, he became the youngest person to hold an ISO 9001:2015 certification (QMS-151617) in the field of occultism, which deserves applause. 

“Further on he went on to learn Wicca, Witchcraft, and Native American Shamanism through the help of teachers and mentors who assisted him unconditionally without yearning for anything in return regardless of his age and his incapacity to pay at the age of 12”, through these lines spoken by Sidhant we can effortlessly let out that he is gratified for all the warmth and backing dribbled by his teachers onto him in this journey and the portion they fiddle is phenomenal. 

After digging more about his journey on this pathway, he mentioned the contribution of his father and nostalgia. His father gifted him a computer and broadband connection which was a huge deal at that time. Through that, he was able to research and learn more about certain subjects of sorcery, different systems of occultism, mythologies and cults and that never stopped, even while pursuing his Bachelor’s and Master’s, his sole focus was on this field only. 

Sidhant has an indeterminate penchant for Shabar Tantra. When asked about his intentions, this is what he has to say-

“According to me Tantra is a bridge or medium which connects the body to the soul. It’s the way to attain or accumulate consciousness or it may be illustrated as the way to rouse your spirit”. He further adds that the Shabar tantra is very distinct from other tantra or tantric practices. It is entirely based on duhaai and petitions directly with deities. Here we directly seek help from deities and these never fail, because these mantras are already attuned or say Siddha. You just need to perform that specific thing or ritual and your job is done.

He believes in working by harmonizing all the energies and aspects (panchabhootas, panch tattvas, gunas, nature etc.) to create the Major energy shifts that we both need to manifest what we seek. 

Through his paid online community which is named after A-Disha, he helps the community members by sharing Daily 1 card guidance, 1 remedy from the modalities he has done practice, entry to 3 exclusive workshops, discounts on paid workshops, giveaways, access to special products personally curated by Sidhant, and guidance on doubts of seekers.  

With further discussion, he showcased his fondness for fitness and his passionate role as an ashtanga yoga practitioner.

In his personal life, he loves food and cooking and feels hostility toward excess snooze. 

He wrapped up by saying that his main chore is to help people who are in a similar profession and equip them with developed practices, assist them in their excursion, and help people with the issues they undergo in their life, be it relationships, legal issues, financial issues and so on. 

Last but not the least, he takes pride in announcing his USP-

“I don’t serve kings but those whom I serve will be kings” because I bleed colours into darkness.

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