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Published by Shades Publishers, Make Your Own Happiness, an anthology book featuring 23 writers, is a collection of written works from a diverse group of co-authors, each bringing their unique style and perspective to the pages. The book features various genres, including fiction, poetry, and more. The collection offers readers the opportunity to experience a range of voices and writing styles, exploring different themes and subject matters. With each writer contributing a piece to the anthology, the book creates a mosaic of stories and ideas, showcasing the richness and variety of contemporary literature. Whether you are a casual reader or a literary enthusiast, this book is sure to offer something for everyone.

Co-authors And Their Work 

  1. ZAINAB FATIMA – Start Again & My Country is Burning
  2. SHREYA THOKALA – The Rattling Rain & Garden of Flowers
  3. SOUMI SARKAR – Dreaming Like That & The Last Time
  4. ANUM AHMAD – She
  5. URVASHI GANGWAR – Cup of spill makes my pill
  7. SAKSHI SANGAR – Life Is Still  Worthwhile  & Found   Way To  My  Happiness
  8. PRIYASHA NAYAK – Will  It Bloom?
  9. SAKSHI BAJAJ – Catching feelings & The survival story
  10. SHAHEEN N – Existence &Escapist
  11. AFREEN – Never Thought To Become A Teacher  &Loopholes Of Our Education System
  12. AMUDHAA – Warm Fuzzies & 52 Blue
  13. KALADEVI P. S – My dear comrade
  14. MEDHA SINGH – When I First Saw You
  15. MADHURA PATKI – Make Your Own Happiness
  16. TEJASWI SHARMA – How Is Your Writing Going, Really?
  17. KHYATI SHAH – Is being happy easy or hard?
  18. SHIVANI BHAGWAT – What exactly is happiness?
  20. FAARA NADEEM – Pixie Dust
  21. JUVARIYA SUNDUS – I’m proud of being the odd one out  & She is a girl so messed up
  22. AQSA FAYAS BHAT – Regretting at last

About The Compiler – Ayesha Aziz 

Ayesha Aziz – Compiler of Make Your Own Happiness

Ayesha Aziz is the compiler of Make Your Own Happiness. She is a great writer and a suave hearted person. She has a deep faith in writing with a unique theme of thoughts. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree from Delhi University. She is a co author of so many anthologies and her writeups are incredible.

About The Publisher – Shades Publishers

Shades Publishers is a Book Printing & Publishing House which is based in Kolkata (N). Puja Debnath Sinha & Subham Sinha are the proud founders of Shades Publishers which is certainly one of the most renowned publishing houses in West Bengal, India.

Subham Sinha and Puja Debnath Sinha- Founders of Shades Publishers

It is a publishing & printing community that aims to give wings to budding writers and aspiring authors in every possible way. It tries its best to shape and mould its pens to form beautiful writings. It ranges from solo books, academic books, books for various NGOs to every kind of National and International anthologies which are distributed worldwide. It has provided imprints for various books that have held various National & International records such as Inkzoid Book of Records, Forever Star Book of Records, OMG Book of Records. 

Shades Publishers also has its writing community which provides a basic base for all aspiring writers to showcase their writing skills and improve their talents. It is a platform of 500+ writers across India including international writers who contribute daily with their beautiful pieces. When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, it’s vital to use the right combination to create a stylish and visually appealing presentation. We work hard to ensure our clients get the attention they deserve.

At Shades Publishers, they are dedicated to stepping up their efforts in addressing this issue. Advocacy is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support. Their mission is to put the power of publishing into everyone’s hands. They are building a new way for writers and readers to connect online and offline, and help authors achieve their dreams with the freedom and flexibility that they deserve. By holding their hand you can publish your book for FREE.

You can publish your book in paperback & Ebook format. They will provide a free ISBN to sell across worldwide. At Shades you can get complete control of your rights. You can also get feedback and make changes to your book anytime.

Shades Publishers is also allowing you to go premium & out publish yourself. Outpublish is a hybrid publishing program for writers serious about creating an impact with their book. Writers get the best of both worlds – the professional guidance of a traditional publishing house coupled with the freedom of self-publishing. This unique program combines two powerful forces to create one great outcome – an innovative, multi-layered approach that provides writers with a platform to get their work out there and be seen by millions. When you Outpublish, we don’t just publish your book, they help you build a successful product .

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