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Senziwash Truecup-In this everyday hustle and bustle of life, women are expected to be at their best even during that difficult time of the month. But what an agonizing time that can be with the cramps, discomfort, the uneasiness of changing pads again and again…limiting your complete focus. Asterima Nutricare is here to solve some of your unpleasantry period issues with their revolutionary, one of the best menstrual cups in India, the Senziwash Truecup…. time has come for a change…for a better experience 

 During menstruation period, Sanitary pads are known to be the default option for many women, however, issues with usage of such pads are plenty…as you won’t be able count with… its starts from properly holding blood for a longer duration of time before it get socked with …safe disposal  (burning causes severe environmental issues, but biggest headache is where/how to burn…especially when you live in a congested place or work in a crowded city. Suppose you flush your used pads in a toilet, it blocks the drainage system. Most of the toilets nowadays hold the poster/board of not to deposit sanitary pads. Changing pads become nightmare during working hours as well as attending academic classes. Pads safely hold blood up to 3-4 hours …fear of leakage is really painful…as well as stressful. Prolonged usage of unhygienic socked pads may cause urinary tract infection (UTI). At the same time changing pads frequently (as there is no option for those who are having heavy bleeding) increases family’s financial burden as well. Another drawback of existing conventional period solutions is, as they offer limited mobility…you have to restrain yourself from heavy working conditions, exercises like swimming, running etc… 

As of now…we may not be having much options to exercise…but improved advanced science started giving options…which are Safe …Extremely Efficient, Ecofriendly and Very Economical.

 The Menstrual cups are found revolutionary solution compared all other existing conventional methods. Menstrual cups are made with most advanced inactive material called Silicon, which is found to be very safe for long years One menstrual cup can be used up to 10 years and once inserted, it can hold menstrual blood 08-10 hrs. continuously. Once it’s filled with blood, post removal from Vagina, the same cup can be reused with proper washing with water. With proper sterilization of the cup after each cycle women can avoid recurrent UTIs as some of which may be related to unhygienic menstrual practices. As menstrual cups cost Rs.300-400, it become safe and economic. It is biodegradable, won’t make any hazards to environment and no more blocks in drainage systems. While using menstrual cup you can do all kinds heavy exercises and workouts including running & Swimming.  Bid adieu to your older methods and give menstrual cups a try. They are highly effective and are truly your cup of tea.

When tipping your toes into the menstrual cup as well as the realm of other period products – there are many questions lingering on your mind like: which menstruation cup is best? how to choose the best menstrual cup? 

Senziwash Truecup is a Menstrual cup made by Asterima Nutricare. The CEO and Director, Mandeep Warrier believes in women’s empowerment and takes pride in playing a pivotal role in helping women to choose right sanitary methods and thereby achieving good menstrual health. 

Senziwash Truecup is here for you. There is a good reason why they are the best menstrual cup company in India as they have fashioned the best menstrual cups for all strata of society Truecup has been gynecologist approved and is truly one of the cup with unique design avoiding the unwanted length in the tail, which causes greater discomfort while using.… Senziwash Truecup is the way to go – as it stands out in quality and the range of choices it offers, provides different cup sizes for you to find your best fit.  The manufacturing facilities of True Cup  have been approved by US FDA and made up of medical grade silicon as per international standards, which are being exported to many countries.

Also, Senziwash Truecup was awarded by the prestigious Femina group as one of the. of time since inception.

 Join the Senziwash community today and request you to use it and unlock your fullest potential even at that difficult time of the month. Give Senziwash Truecup a try and you can spread your wings forever…

Wishing you good menstrual health….

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