SCOMM India Hosts the 3rd Entrepreneurs Day Out: A Celebration of Entrepreneurship in India


Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth and innovation, and it is important to foster and support the entrepreneurial spirit. In line with this idea, SCOMM India, a leading entrepreneurship organization, recently held its 3rd Entrepreneurs Day Out (EDO-3) in Wonder Park Puri, Odisha. The event was a gathering of over 100 aspiring business owners from the state, who came together to celebrate entrepreneurship and take part in various activities.

The EDO-3 was one-of-a-kind in India and was made possible with the support of 12 start-ups, incubators, accelerators, and enablers who came together to create a memorable experience for the attendees. The well-designed program consisted of games, motivational speeches, group activities, and networking opportunities. All these activities were centered around the theme “Together we can”, which emphasized the importance of collaboration and support within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

SCOMM President Sourabh Khandelwal spoke about the significance of bringing entrepreneurs together and fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. He stated, “The EDO is intended to bring the entrepreneur together and develop a unique culture that helps together and grows together.” He added that the organization is optimistic that the upcoming EOD will continue the event’s growth and bring more entrepreneurs together.

In addition to the President, SCOMM Vice President Nihar Ranjan Panda, Secretary CA Rakesh Gupta, and other core members including Nandan Ku Singh, RK Mishra, Nirmal Mohapatra, Sanjay Panda, and Bodhisattwa Founder IG Drones, Himansu Panda were also present at the event. They participated in various activities and provided valuable insights and encouragement to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

One of the highlights of the event was the motivational speeches given by successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. They shared their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned on their entrepreneurial journeys. The attendees were inspired by the stories of success and perseverance, and they were motivated to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Another highlight of the event was the networking opportunities that the attendees had with each other and with the enablers of the ecosystem. The attendees got to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and build relationships that could potentially lead to future collaborations.

SCOMM Media and Communication Head RK Mishra announced that the organization will host workshops in universities in the near future to promote and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship among students. The workshops will provide students with a platform to learn about entrepreneurship, network with successful entrepreneurs, and gain valuable insights into starting and growing a business.

The 3rd Entrepreneurs Day Out was a huge success and received positive feedback from all who participated. SCOMM India has once again demonstrated its commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in Odisha and has set the stage for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, the EDO-3 was a celebration of entrepreneurship in Odisha and a testament to the power of collaboration and support within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The event brought together aspiring entrepreneurs, enablers, and successful business leaders, and provided a platform for growth, learning, and inspiration. With the commitment of organizations like SCOMM India, the entrepreneurial spirit in Odisha will continue to flourish and drive economic growth and innovation.

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