Sanjay Dua : Changing the Dynamics of Coaching with Mindfulness

Every learning experience transforms an individual. The interaction in this process provides for greater insights, with respect to an individual’s thought-process, abilities, and critical thinking skills.

Learning Platforms play a pivotal role in creating the ideal environment for the development of each person. Two years forward from when the wave of uncertainty hit the globe, learning platforms continue to positively impact the growth and transform an individual’s skills, persona and approach.

Dua’s Knowledge Potli based in the city of Kolkata has emerged as a dominant learning platform in Life Coaching, Training and HR Consulting in a short span of two years. The diversity of courses it offers to its users is meticulously designed for different age groups which makes it the most preferred learning platform by kids, adolescents as well as professionals.


Sanjay Dua, the founder of Dua’s Knowledge Potli takes immense pride in celebrating the completion of two years of his creative venture which started in the year 2020. The concept of Dua’s Knowledge Potli strongly signifies that learning opens the door to endless possibilities. Think, Observe and Explore is the mantra they believe in.

Dua’s Knowledge Potli is a learning platform built to cater to individual needs with customised courses for all age groups to enhance the overall learning experience. They offer an active, user-friendly learning environment designed to upgrade the existing skill-set and abilities to transform the personality of an individual.

Over the last two years, Dua’s Knowledge Potli has advanced the gap between learning and effective outcome by enabling people associated with them overcome the apprehension of ‘What If’. Helping them realise their true sense and purpose in life by target-based assignments and projects has truly led to transform the perception and awareness of people leading to growth. This strategy has proven effective for individuals to overcome challenges, break the internal walls created in their minds and improving their focus on goals.


The special, one of a kind sessions provided at Dua’s Knowledge Potli helps individuals to become a better version of themselves. Courses with remarkable content, updated according to the need of time, paperless environment-friendly learning experience, suited to individual’s abilities, events and workshops designed to boost capabilities of the human mind has helped people find meaning and purpose in their life in a very balanced way. Being open to a newer way of approaching situations, exploring the unhidden and unexplored facets of life makes an individual realise his/her strengths and makes them mentally and emotionally strong.

The HR is what leads an organisation to the top. Dua’s Knowledge Potli is continuously achieving heights in the corporate segment by providing training and workshops on effective communication, leadership skills, personality development, public speaking, stress management and various other subject matter. They have been actively involved in organising such events all over Kolkata making them the most reliable consultancy service provider, proving their mettle by some of their workshops being featured in The Pioneer.


Sanjay Dua, is an MBA graduate (HR), Certified Life Coach, NLP and a Mindfulness instructor. He is a certified Seven Chakra Coach who has an experience of working in the HR department of leading Multi-National Corporations like TCS, PWC.

He deeply believes in the fact that there is no age to start anything new. He is of the opinion that human beings are blessed to live a life compounded by the ability to think freely and observe at a much-enhanced level compared to 84 lakh other species. His idea behind Dua’s Knowledge Potli is to encourage individuals to lead a life in an exploratory mode rather than living a so-called settled life.

He expresses that issues in today’s world arise out of comparison and an inflexible, closed mind set. Having closely observed numerous human beings getting influenced in order to belong to the same league of thought process and thinking patterns, because they feel left out has stripped individuals of their speciality and uniqueness.

Dua’s Knowledge Potli was set-up to make human beings more accepting towards their needs and help them realise their worth. He contends that this awareness takes only a moment of belief in oneself which does wonders while performing duties in life, and inspires one to live more mindfully. Website:

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