Sagar Narang: A Visionary Technologist and Entrepreneur Making Waves in the IT Landscape

Sagar Narang’s professional journey is a testament to his prowess in the technology landscape. Beginning as a tenured engineer at Amazon, he specialized in designing systems and architecting software solutions for large-scale challenges. His expertise traversed various domains within Amazon, from crafting a Geolocation Service for enhanced Alexa experiences to spearheading the development of a robust big data processing system for global finance operations.

Sagar also holds the role of Security Certifier and was involved in various other roles such as conducting student and university panel interviews, serving as an SDE Bootcamp Trainer, and acting as a mentor within Amazon. One of his notable strengths is the ability to deliver products and technology with high velocity, while also emphasizing software quality and operational excellence. Sagar has been instrumental in establishing processes and standards from scratch and has successfully trained and mentored numerous engineers, with a particular focus on new Amazon hires.

His mentoring extends beyond the immediate team, as he has mentored over 45 Amazonians and trained more than 1000 new Software Development Engineers (SDEs) as they embark on their journeys at Amazon. Sagar has a global perspective on technology, having worked across countries in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and India.  Within Amazon, Sagar played a crucial role as an interview panellist, having conducted over 1750 interviews for various roles, including SDEs, Data Engineers, Support Engineers, Software Development Managers, and Technical Program Managers.

Transitioning from his successful tenure at Amazon, Sagar ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Elcom Digital, a startup dedicated to providing cloud services to the Indian SMB sector. At Elcom Digital, Sagar leads with a vision, leveraging technology and automation at the core of the company’s operations. His entrepreneurial journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, including substantial growth in the partner network, strategic business acquisitions, and significant expansions in office locations.

As a leader, Sagar fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, evident in Elcom Digital’s technological milestones such as the expansion of AWS and cloud portfolios. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the incorporation of in-house HR and Data Engineering organizations, contributing to the company’s overall organizational growth.

Notable achievements in the past year at Elcom include the opening of seven new offices, team growth to 150 members. Elcom Digital’s global impact is evident through significant billing across all 28 states in India and a strong partner network of over 9500 partners worldwide. Sagar expresses pride in the team’s accomplishments, recognizing that these achievements signify the beginning of a journey marked by continuous growth and success in the dynamic landscape of IT and cloud services.

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