Robin Karyeth Uses His Lens To Showcase The Plight Of Tigers In The Country

His documentary series aims at spreading awareness about the horrors of poaching and trafficking of tigers

Robin Karyeth, the Director of Photography for the documentary series titled “Save The Tiger” uses the medium of films to educate the public about the Anti-poaching and Wildlife Trade Program, Wildlife Enforcement Issues, and conservation awareness in tiger reserves. The documentary series is dedicated to encouraging the public to preserve tigers for the current and upcoming generations.

While shooting the documentary series, Robin Karyeth and his team of wildlife experts and naturalists conducted extensive campaigns to raise awareness about wildlife preservation in multiple villages and tribal areas of Rajasthan. To get his message across in the most authentic way possible, he spent several days in dense forests keeping a track of tigers’ movements and capturing the same on his lens.

Robin believes that photography and videography are the best ways to spread awareness about wildlife conservation in the country. He says, “Camera allows you to capture the raw and unadulterated beauty of the wildlife that lingers on in the viewers’ minds. Through films and documentaries, I am willing to show the beauty and brutality of nature to the audience in an attempt to persuade healthy coexistence instead of a destructive imbalance.”

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