It is rightfully believed that true intelligence requires fabulous imagination & creativity, and so has
been proven by 41 year old Mister Ramesh Shankreppa Mantur, from Vijayapur state of
Karnataka, South India. He has written various informative lines, all in Hindi, English and
Kannada, on a 200 metre long cloth, thereby setting the record for the longest informative writing
work on cloth. The lines comprise of the achievements of The Honourable Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s government, the numerous names of Lord Rama listed down alphabetically,
names of twelve sacred Hindu places and twelve Jyotirlingas. The artwork also includes 13 Bhakti
songs of various Hindu Gods, names of sacred Hindu texts as well as the names of the 18 Holy
Puranas. The original names of the characters of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana have also been given
an honourable mention in his wonderful masterpiece.
Mr Mantur is a poet and a writer, and has initially published an anthology name HOOMALE. He
holds a masters degree in English, but also has profound feelings for his mother tongue, Kannada.
He believes his wife to be a major inspiration for his work & hands her the credit to be the greatest
gift of his life.
He loves his country dearly, and is also very religious.
He dreams for his country to be an inspiration to other countries of the world, which showcases his
patriotism and loving feelings towards the nation. This is surely also visible in his artworks. He
wishes to stand in the parliament one day and also listens to devotional songs every day.
India’s World Records feels proud to acknowledge such an inspirational talent

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