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The Entrepreneur Network is a networking organization that assists small and medium-sized enterprises with various strategies such as branding, marketing, sales, leadership, process, HR, IT, finance, and so on. The Entrepreneur Network, which began in 2016 in Vile Parle, Mumbai now has a Networking vertical Network of over 1000 members that meet on a monthly basis to build rapport, exchange recommendations, and receive mentorship for self-growth. They also connect with one other on a one-on-one basis on WhatsApp and Facebook, as well as across various platforms like online meets, telephonic conversations, café meets, consulting support, business outstation meets, and so on to build rapport and establish bonding.

Without a doubt, every big organization began as a tiny business, and this did not happen overnight. They grew over time, and they had plenty of success stories to tell. Businesses cannot grow in isolation, which explains why networking is so important for small business development. The amount and effectiveness with which an entrepreneur may interact with other firms, partners, and customers is referred to as networking. The Entrepreneur Network was founded with the purpose of helping SMEs create relationships through the application of new and innovative ways of doing things, so that they may stay on the cutting edge of technology and new business trends.

Prashant Pradhan, the founder of The Entrepreneur Network is a Media and Sales Professional with rich experience of 30 years in Corporates like Tata’s, Network 18, and Askme. He has a demonstrated history of helping SMEs build their businesses through Print, TV, and Digital Media. Last 5 years he has been helping SME growth through Networking, Entrepreneur Education, Sales Strategy, and Reselling.

He shares his inspiration behind coining the Entrepreneur Network in a crux “In Mumbai, I attended a networking event. As a Sales Director, I’ve also noticed that traditional Sales Teams and Marketing aren’t producing excellent outcomes because entrepreneurs don’t meet salespeople. This prompted me to create a networking platform that would ensure that members get the most out of the network while also growing their businesses. Initially, we had meetings in pizza shops, but we have now moved to 3-star hotels. We ensure learnings on vital issues of growth in addition to personal and online meetings, WhatsApp groups, and Facebook pages. We have now expanded our membership to include more Indian states.”

Claim to Fame – The Entrepreneur Network

  • Their distinguishing feature is the warmth among members and the cordial manner in which they communicate on the network; as a result, they are usually regarded as the most amicable networking community.
  • Since its beginning in 2016, the network has grown to over 500 members, stretching its wings in four states of India and passing thousands of referrals on an annual basis..
  • The Entrepreneur Network’s other verticals include a knowledge café that disseminates knowledge and aids the SME sector’s growth. Mini E-MBA, Business Dil Se, Jai Ho, and SME2Corporate are some of the most recent developments.
  • It is developing worldwide as well as nationally, with the goal of onboarding 1 million entrepreneurs globally by 2030.
  • With the model of Online and Offline Meets for Learnings, Bonding and Business it helps connect lakhs of Entrepreneurs to enable learnings, bonding, and business amongst each other.

It goes without saying, building a business is difficult, and networking is the most important instrument that may help any business succeed for a variety of reasons. ‘The Entrepreneur Network’ can not only get you and your company in the door, but it can also legitimize it. It can be tough to attract consumers and clients when a small firm is initially starting out and to persuade them to trust you with their time and money. The motive for the establishment of The Entrepreneur Network is to assist SMEs in establishing and developing good connections with others, which will eventually become the spark that ignites their business. Visit to learn more –

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