“Parents still have the wrong notion about child counseling,” believes author Dr. Neha Rai

The Perfect Knot by Ahmedabad-based author Dr. Neha Rai has stirred up the much-needed discussion around counseling. While Mental Health Awareness has gained momentum in recent years, Dr. Rai believes it still is on a misconstrued path. But here is how her debut book is changing it all. The book touches upon various societal challenges like a mangled understanding of introversion, lack of self-awareness, lack of LGBT awareness, and much more. The fictional story of 4 youngsters mirroring these challenges is touching many hearts already. The core of all these stories in the book is- Child Counselling. 

Dr. Neha Rai, who has also worked as an educator in schools shares,“Child counseling should be made mandatory in all schools. When something becomes routine, only then do people start to accept it. Parents still carry a wrong notion around it. Child counseling is just not about troubled childhood issues, but it helps bring self-awareness. This helps the students become more confident about themselves from an early age. It helps the students learn about their likes and dislikes that help them make better choices as an adult. Not only this, it helps them express themselves without fear. As a society, we need to become more empathetic, and self-awareness can be the first step towards it. The knowledge that one enlightens oneself with, reflects in their actions & reactions.” 

Dr. Neha Rai started a podcast for kids during the pandemic year that received rave reviews. “I plan to start the channel again. The purpose of all my writings is aimed at building a strong childhood.” She further shares what inspires her to write around the mental health topic, “The meta world is advancing the way we live today. A lot around us is changing. How we interact and how we socialize, everything is advancing. We can keep up with this advancement easily with a strong foundation. Child counseling can serve this very purpose.” 

About the book, Dr. Neha Rai shared that it took her two years of research, and she would choose early mornings to write the draft. “Early morning hours are the best time to write when there are no voices except your own to hear.”

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