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We know how Digital Marketing is important for doctors in this digital era. Offline and Online/ Digital Marketing always need an effective strategy, well planning and proper implementation. Doctors Marketing involves two types of Marketing i.e. first one is Offline Marketing like Camps, PRO, Hoardings,  Newspaper ads and TV ads etc. while second and latest trend is Digital Marketing for Doctors. As you all know benefits of Digital Marketing for Doctors , Hopeland Healthcare is a dedicated and leading Digital Marketing agency Doctors , Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers in Mumbai , India

Here today we are going to share a few tips for healthcare professionals such as Doctors and Hospitals who are looking doctors marketing or online marketing for doctors and also want to build their doctors or hospitals online marketing reputation.


As Per the Healthcare Online Marketing expert Mr. Kaushal Pandey Online Reputation is the Primary step for every professional. If your online presence and reputation is greater then you will get good leads / conversion after any paid campaigns or SEO activities.

Suppose, through Google Ad-words, you can able to reach your website on first page of Google but you don’t have online reputation then patients will visit your website but will not convert or call for appointments and finally they will divert to other doctors, because if patients searching on Google as Best Doctor then only Google Website Ranking is not good enough for conversion, here Online Branding play an Important role.

Our First tip for doctors is to search online about yourself and learn how you appear when someone searches for you online.Now in today’s world, patients search doctor online even if they are referred by any doctor, here also Online Branding play a crucial role for conversion. Patients are very keen to take information about doctors before starting actual treatment. Mostly, patients collect doctor’s information with the help of social media and other digital marketing channels. Hence strong online branding is an essential for any doctor. Chances of loosing patients (even if referred by your referral partner) are very high if patients not satisfied with your online presence.

In Healthcare Industry, even a referral partners play very important role in business generation for hospitals as well as for doctors but YOU can’t ignore the fact that your Google presence is very much important, if your patients are searching about you by your name on Google and if patients do not find any information about you on the online platforms then you can lose a potential patient even if he is referred by a strong referral.

When People search for doctors they will compare everything before they decide to start treatment such as doctors Online Reputation , Online Reviews, Cost of Treatment, Specialty and Experience. Therefore having a great online reputation along with positive online reviews is extremely important factor for a strong online presence.


Why social media Presence is important for doctors?  Today, Social Media has become an effective digital marketing platform for a strong social media presence and high engagement. Because social media marketing for doctors always has an active engaging audience and they will interact with doctors over social media for any opinion over diseases, for reviews, inbox questions about services and others. With the help of a social media interaction, you can refer your hospital/clinic to patients or you can educate your audience by posting educational videos, Info graphics and also educate them about your business.

Social Medial helps Healthcare professions in three ways

  • Online Reputation.
  • Engaging your old patients.
  • Generating new patients.

Medical professionals should not underestimate the importance of Social Media as it is the most Powerful Medium today to get business and develop yourself as a brand because whenever people search for your business they search it online.


Every doctor should make sure that they get listed in Google Business for businesses as well as a practitioner and these listing should be claimed by you.

Registering in Google Local Business Directories will develop your local SEO and reputation when someone from local area will search for you there a various local directories you can register at such as Google My Business, Just dial, Practo, Yahoo etc.

If you have a strong local SEO, then you will definitely get more leads and business. Hence every doctor should definitely work on local listings which will help in their local SEO ranking and online reputation.


Social media reviews about products or services are an extremely important because people always search for second opinion about any product or service they wish to buy. Social media is one of the most influential medium to educate your audience and keep a good online reputation for getting positive reviews.

Doctors can start by asking regular patients for reviews on platforms like Google business, face book page etc. Even if you get negative review from any patient, ask you receptionist/concerned person to call the patients, understand his/her issue, try to solve the issue in a better way and later request him/her to give positive review.


Having an effective and feasible Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospital , Doctors, Diagnostic Centers is always important  to spend their marketing budget wisely.

A Good Marketer should consider a sales funnel where they should target a certain audience who are searching for services similar to yours.

 The Funnel should start from Brand Awareness where we can educate our audience about what kinds of health services we are providing, benefits of these services and our experience. Then it is followed by consideration where audience who are aware about your services starts considering you as well as your services and finally the last part is converting the lead to sales.

So in conclusion, doctors should consider above mentioned tips to build a better social community and a good online reputation .

Hopeland Healthcare is a dedicated and creative Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare Professionals . We have a team of well experienced and proficient digital marketing experts who are smartly working for healthcare professionals to achieve business growth.

If you are a Healthcare Professional , then Contact Hopeland Healthcare ( Digital Kaushal Pandey) to discuss more about your own online marketing strategy.

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