Griffin Publication launches ‘HOW TO ERADICATE JEALOUSY, COMPARISON & COMPETITION’ written by Nidhi Siotia, a CA by profession and a spiritual writer encouraging positive thinking.

The event was graced by Chief Guest Vishnu Pandya, Padma Shree ,d. Litt. Chairman Gujarat Sahitya Acadamy, Guest Speakers Dr Santosh Kumar (Dean School of Liberal arts and culture Adamas University, Kolkata ), Dr Ujjwal Kumar Ghatak (Academic Advisor of Defence Joint Education and Research Program, Andhra University ), Dawa Drukpa, Eminent Poet, Research Scholar, Bhutan)and David Haotian Dai Dai, philosophical poet and lyrical peace ambassador, America.

The show was hosted by Mousumi K Sachdeva, CEO- Griffin Publication.

‘How to Eradicate Jealousy, Comparison & Competition’ is a book on self-transformation guiding people to free themselves from negative thoughts. The book projects –

 ‘We often say, ‘Don’t be Jealous’, but we don’t know what is the procedure to overcome Jealousy.  We tell others, ‘It’s not good to be Jealous’, but we can’t explain how Jealousy damages our life.

Jealousy is a program stored in our minds, and it gets fired automatically. Not only Jealousy but Comparison and Competition are also negative programs stored in our Minds. This book:-

a.            Shows how these negative programs affect our life.

b.            Provides the procedure to override these negative programs.

c.            Describes how our life gets benefitted, when we override these negative programs.

UNDERSTAND – What is Evil eye? How and when we get struck by it? And how can we get immune to it?

Padma Shree Vishnu Pandya spoke beautifully on the philosophy of negative thoughts and how this book can be a help to many. He welcomed the book to the Gujrat Sahitya Academy library and suggested the book be translated into Hindi and Gujrati. He narrated about Gujarati Literature and the importance of valuable inspiring books.

Dr Santosh welcomed the book to his university library and spoke that the book is a must-read for all ages with examples of how Jealousy, Comparison, and Competition can affect the lives of students as well as professionals.

Dr Ujjwal Kumar congratulated author Nidhi Siotia for this self-help book and stressed the importance of the skills to eradicate negativity within the self. He too welcomed the book to his university.

Author Dawa Drukpa wished the author and Griffin Publication for bringing out a book that can be a motivating source to every individual. He spoke about meditation and its importance in transforming life as described in the book by author Nidhi.

David Haotian Dai Dai appreciated the author for a book on positive thoughts and recited a poem on the same.

Author Nidhi Siotia has two more books to be added to her series and her books will be available in Hindi as well.

Griffin Publication wishes Author Nidhi Siotia for the success of her book and for all her future endeavors.

CEO Griffin Publication- Mousumi K Sachdeva thanked all the esteemed guests and congratulated the co-authors for the success of the book.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle, and KDP for all the countries.

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