Neha Kumari has been chosen as The Literary Champion, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards

Cherry Book Awards is delighted to share that Neha Kumari has been chosen as The Literary Champion, 2022.

Neha is a prolific writer and poet. She has gained popularity from her Instagram page @writter_notes . Her latest solo book Aiza-e-Zindagi is available on Amazon and received positive response from the readers.

Digital Golgappa congratulates her and wishes her more success in the future.

Neha Kumari – The Literary Champion, 2022

All about Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari is 20 years old and belongs to Forbeshganj, Bihar. She is currently pursuing her bachelore degree in Nims college of physiotherapy Jaipur Rajasthan.She is a D/o of Sanjay Kumar Bharti, she truly believes that every good thing happening in her life is due to the blessings of God and parent’s love and she believes in living life spimply but with a smile. She is not a professional writer but she has a passion to write. She takes the initial step towards it by co-authoring anthologies and now she has come so far being a Author. She thinks writings can connect you with yourself. She loves writing with realistic thoughts. She said if her words give happiness and motivation to someone then she believes that her passion is blooming.

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