The National Stock Exchange (NSE) on December 30, 2022, issued a notification on the extranet facility – Extranet API LIVE release.

As per National Stock Exchange’s circular number MSD55362 Exchange has decided to enhance the Extranet API facility.

Exchange is pleased to inform members that the Extranet API facility is now made available for use in LIVE Access to Extranet API via lease line also shall be available. Members who are desirous to use this facility, are requested to use/connect to

Exchange recommends that the preferred mode of accessing the Extranet API shall be via Internet, though the facility is provided through a leased line. Extranet is used to download files provided by exchange on day to day basis

In this regards India’s Leading options Algo vendor Greeksoft Technologies Pvt Limited has launched a dynamic product to bridge the stock brokers needs immediately by launching Greek Extranet product to facilitate hassle free downloading operations. This product will now allow users to download files on daily basis and not only that users will also be able to download historical files said Mr. Jainam Gala – Senior Products and marketing manager at Greeksoft Technologies

Apart from this, Greeksoft is Empanelled vendor across all Indian Exchanges and Abroad too and specialized in Advance option Algos, Back office tools, PMS tools, EKYC, Risk management Systems, Mobile and Web Based application and IBT. Known for Industry’s best support services Greeksoft has 70% Plus option volumes at NSE

Greeksoft’s Algos are known for below reasons

  • Trading without Emotions to take the best profitable decision
  • Handling Multiple larger trades
  • Options Algorithmic Trading allows high-frequency trades by machine trading
  • Supported Back Testing for following trading disciplines
  • Immediate squaring off decisions on gap opening
  • Multiple open positions management
  • Highest Salable model handling more than a hundred open positions at one time
  • Trade Analysis
  • Back testing and historical references make you mentally strong for the potential losses.
  • Easy optimization of a trading plan
  • You cannot miss any opportunity for trade during a trading day
  • More than half of the trade today is supported by Algorithms.

Algos compiled with Colocation works like cherry on the cake, Greeksoft algo offers NSE’s managed colocation services. Colocation provides real time Tick by Tick data for enhanced execution of High frequency trades. NSE allows brokers to keep servers in their premises, This reduces the trade latency and the round trip order cycle which results in better average price and exploiting minute trade opportunities.

Greeksoft offers shared colocation facility which means brokers who do not wish to opt for their own colocated racks can hire Greeksoft for their proportionate use. This has resulted in boon for many small and mid sized brokers not only that but huge investment banks and hedge funds are now opting Greeksoft’s colocation to avoid their headaches. Greeksoft offers procurement, management and deployment of hardware infra and post managed services with respect to EOD and BOD services

you can reach out to for further details.

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