Mubin Sayyed Stresses The Importance Of Being A Social Entrepreneur To Bring About Changes That Matter

Most conversations about entrepreneurship revolve around profitability, growth, finances, and diversification. While all these aspects are important for an entrepreneur and their venture to grow, a major aspect is often ignored – social impact.

Mubin Sayyed, a young social entrepreneur from Mumbai, breaks this clutter by running a successful business venture while giving back to society in the invaluable field of education.

Mubin Sayyed is the co-founder of Eduwisor, a noted education consultancy based in Mumbai. Along with his friend and the co-founder of Eduwisor, Jyoti Krishna, Mubin harbors the dream of providing 10,000 skilled and passionate doctors to India over the next decade. He is also the Director of Accrescent Ventures LLP based in Mumbai.

Mubin holds an undergraduate degree in BE (Bachelor of Engineering) from the University of Mumbai. After graduation, he went on to pursue his PGDM in Medico Legal Systems and Healthcare Administration/Management from Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune. He then pursued his MBA in General Management from Annamalai University.

Mubin always had an affinity for medical science and wanted to become a doctor. Being a bright and passionate learner, Mubin spent several hours studying for the medical entrance examination to secure admission to a prestigious medical college in India.

However, fate had different plans for Mubin. Financial constraints and limited options prevented him from securing the coveted seat and venturing further into the medical realm. After being unable to study in the medical field, Mubin realized the unpleasant state of affairs and a system that drastically reduced the probability of Indian students getting into Indian medical colleges. While most students would miss out on getting the seats, others were dissuaded because of the unreasonably high tuition fees charged by most medical colleges.

Without letting his unfulfilled dream get in his way of achieving success in life, Mubin co-founded Eduwisor Education Consultancy upon his return from the Middle East, where he managed the operations of one of the largest bariatric hospitals in the region.

Along with handling his business venture, Mubin takes active steps to grow as a social entrepreneur. Believing in the notion of giving back to society, he spearheads Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to bring a positive change in the world we live in.

Mubin believes that every entrepreneur has a social responsibility to fulfill and they shouldn’t miss any opportunity to do so. “CSR is more than just a philosophy or charity; it is about developing long-term business practices that benefit society as a whole,” he says.

His active efforts as a social entrepreneur have allowed Mubin to spread his word and convey the importance of valuable CSR activities across the country. In April 2022, he was invited by Amity University Mumbai as a panelist to talk about “Social and Community Entrepreneurship” at the 1st ABS Global Entrepreneurial Summit. Here, he shared his views on the importance of social entrepreneurship in the context of the ongoing global crises.

Mubin says, “Entrepreneurship is the best way to bring about a change in the society we live in, by not only creating material value but also fostering social progress.” In an age where materialism is given the utmost importance, Mubin wishes for a paradigm shift where social entrepreneurs become the real role models. He is an advocate of entrepreneurs creating economic as well as social values with their contributions toward supporting causes they wholeheartedly believe in.

Considering his social entrepreneurship acumen, Mubin was also asked to be on the panel of judges to give the Hult Prize at SDA Bocconi Asia Center (SDABAC). Revolving around the theme of “Redesigning Fashion,” he judged students’ pitches regarding entrepreneurial ideas for social ventures in the fashion industry. Here, Mubin shared his views on the importance of team building, emotional intelligence, and social responsibility for entrepreneurs in the world of fashion.

Mubin and his colleague Jyoti Krishna were also recently felicitated by Mr. Eknath Shinde, the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, at The CSR Journal Excellence Awards 2022. These awards are hosted by The CSR Journal every year to recognize and appreciate the efforts made by entrepreneurs to address social and environmental concerns through their ventures.

Giving priority to the much-needed social reforms in the country, Mubin defines his personal and entrepreneurial goals according to the value he can add to the society he lives in. For instance, the 10-year goal for Eduwisor is to provide 10,000 doctors to the Indian healthcare sector. Mubin believes that an entrepreneur may stumble but never fail if he keeps society’s growth parallel to their venture’s prosperity.

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