Mr. Simon, Connecting People with Dogs

In the current day and age when the younger generation finds it difficult to choose their career or are too afraid to follow their goals, Simon was brave enough to follow his dream of becoming a professional canine educator. 

Simon belonged to a lower middle-class family where his father was the only earning member. Since childhood, he was a very active kid, and very soon, he found his passion in martial arts.  During his school days, he was quite famous due to the skills and abilities he projected in the respective sport. He was also very fond of understanding dogs’ psychology and behavior. 

He was not a kid whom you could see reading books, but whenever he found any source or books on dogs or dog psychology, he used to study them. Simon always showed a special interest in dogs and wanted to do something for them. Seeing his obsession with dog psychology, his parents often used to worry about him. 

By the age of 21, Simon accomplished his 1st goal of becoming a black belt in Martial Arts and went on to start his club.

Everything was going fine, but he always felt something was missing in his life. Money, name, and fame could not make him happy. He always felt empty and wanted to help others. Simon often used to tell his mother that he felt he was there to bring a change and help others. It was just that he could not understand what it was.

He joined one of the renowned colleges, St. Xavier’s Kolkata to do his B.A. in English. It was during this time he came across a Labrador that changed his life forever. The young dog died by the age of one year due to some unknown reasons. Simon was shattered, he could not share the grief and pain with anyone and vowed to himself that he will try his best to educate people on dog behavior and psychology and help dogs in understanding humans. 

Soon he left his job as a Martial Arts Instructor and started to work on pursuing his career as a Canine Educator. 

He soon undertook a dog trainer course to become a dog trainer and started his job as a dog walker. Over the next few months, he started attending online Seminars and webinars for dog trainers organized by some renowned canine trainers in the U.S. He started helping pet parents by teaching them basic obedience and making them aware of how to live with dogs.

He was saving to go to the U.S, but before he could do it, the Covid 19 pandemic broke out, and his father retired, which led to a severe financial crisis and shattered his dream of going to the U.S. Despite all odds, Simon’s willpower to learn and upgrade his skills did not falter. He did some online certification courses and finally went to meet his idol Master Trainer Mr. Sachin Raawte. Mr. Raawte represented India 5 times in the World Championship and is currently one of India’s greatest trainers. Simon completed his 2nd dream when he learned the art of IGP Dog sports and Decoying. 

Simon currently deals with dogs’ obedience training, behavior rehabilitation, behavior modification, and aggression management in dogs. Over the years, he has helped many pet parents make their life better with their dogs and made them understand their dog’s psychology and behavior. 

A piece of advice he would love to give the younger generation is, “Don’t give up easily on your dreams. Dreams do come true if you work hard for them. Always believe in yourself and take the leap of faith. Don’t worry about the future. It’s not ours to see, whatever will be, will be.”



Durvesh Yadav

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