Meet the Founder- Sol Varun, Being a Beacon of Light Amidst Hopelessness, Despair and Chaos

Varun, the founder of Sól Healing Space, is a holistic-integrative psychotherapist, spiritual empowerment coach, healer and kundalini yoga & meditation teacher. He is on a mission to empower people emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually; and awaken them to their authenticity. He has traveled to around 15 countries and served clients across the globe.

Recently, committed to his mission, he single-handedly took the initiative to provide free psychotherapy, meditation sessions and other therapeutic tools to people of Eastern Europe, which gained a lot of attention and admiration.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022, and is still ongoing, causing the largest civilian refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, and the first of its kind since the Yugoslav war in the 1990s. People who have experienced conflict are more likely to be affected by depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. Separation from support networks like family and friends can leave people feeling isolated and struggling to process their trauma. Considering these things in mind, Varun chose to engage in the act of unconditional service. And he has been keeping up with his commitment successfully.

One of the testimonials expressed: “Coming from a place near the War in Ukraine, I must admit I felt very anxious, depressed and fearful to see innocent people dying and having uncertainty about my own future. But my sessions with Varun helped me enormously. The way he can calm down even the most puzzled monkey mind and can offer you a firm & steady hand like someone you’ve known your whole life. He truly is a wonderful teacher and insightful old soul. You really can tell he was simply born with the gift and I’m so blessed and humbled by his presence. You know this feeling, like you’re somehow not alone just because you know him and are taught by him. He heals perfectly: the body, mind and soul. He adds a special touch to his sessions with his gentle approach to healing, which is unique to him. I truly recommend everyone to feel as I do during my sessions with him.”

Above are some beautiful words by Katarina from Slovenia, who works as Naturopath and a writer. It’s enlightening to read her testimonial. Varun further states that a non-judgmental attitude, empathy, and providing a safe, comfortable, and calm atmosphere are the key aspects of his sessions.

His success with clients is because of his holistic approach, which addresses mind, body, heart, soul and a combination of different tools and techniques to tap into each one of those aspects. He further claims that a holistic perspective tackles the causes of our suffering at all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual; which gives away a broader perspective, opens up new possibilities for healing and leads us toward a more meaningful life.

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