MamtaNagvekarr – The spiritual healer and the voice behind ‘Keep it real with MamtaNagvekarr’

MamtaNagvekarr is a Neuro linguistic master professional consultant, Certified Tarot Reader and Numerologist, and Podcast host of one of the top shared podcasts globally “Keep it real with MamtaNagvekarr” which covers topics on spirituality, self-development, and lifestyle.With a spiritual degree in Bhakti Shastri and over half a decade of experience as a psychic healer, MamtaNagvekarr has served more than 3000+ Clients all across the globe that includes celebrities, athletes, elite businessmen, politicians, Bollywood actors, directors, and writers.

Needless to say, it is important to surround yourself with people that think positive, naturally optimistic, and love the world. Energy works in a sequence, whoever you are around is where your energy will be. You must choose a healer that are high in vibration, happy, optimistic people by nature who will only bring you good luck and uplift your spirit, and gives you a boost in your energy and MamtaNagvekarr is one such spiritual healer and a psychic who has the power and energy to shift negativity into positive outcomes.

Keep it Real is a powerful spirituality and lifestyle brand that Mamta created with the goal of empowering people to discover their true calling in life. Her website, “Keep it Real,” serves as a resource center for people looking to learn how to combine spirituality with contemporary ideals and make the most of it in order to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. She offers a wide range of services, such as individual and group coaching on creating and manifesting wealth, careers, relationships, and an all-around abundant life, as well as one-on-one consultations for those who are dealing with mental health problems or who want to be more productive and achieve their goals by using their potential to the fullest.

Additionally, she provides one-on-one tarot and oracle readings as well as guidanceusing her intuition and psychic powers. Since she has a strong intuition and has been blessed with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, her readings are intuition-based, which makes them extremely accurate. Besides this,MamtaNagvekarralso has expertise in angelic numerology.

Claim to Fame – MamtaNagvekarr

1) Recognised with an Award for excellence in Tarot reading, Numerology and NLP consultation.

2) Got invited for the UK Parliament’s women’s day showcase by the House of Lords (PM’s office).

3) Podcast “Keep it Real with MamtaNagvekarr” ranked in the top 200 podcasts in the world in the health and wellness category in 2021.

4) Podcast “Keep it Real with MamtaNagvekarr” ranked in top 25% podcasts in the world in the year 2022 together with ranking in the top 25% most shared globally in 2022.

5) Collaborated with the worldwide nature fund to spread awareness of Covid-19.

6) Mentored by award-winning Author, purpose coach, and former monk Jay Shetty. She has also been trained under a Vedic monk for more than 4 years.

She says “Helping others change their lives so they can live with meaning brings me great joy. In a society where the voice of negativity predominates, I want to be a catalyst for change who spreads joy and happiness throughout the world. I went through a challenging kundalini awakening in 2016, which allowed me to experience emotions and issues for which I now provide services. This has allowed me to connect with people much more deeply and comprehend their problems better. I encourage people to live life to the fullest and use their suffering as fuel for strength, and that’s what I do for a living”

Podcast- Keep it Real with MamtaNagvekarr Podcast is heard in more than 60 countries and is available on 15 platforms including Spotify, Google podcast, and Apple podcast. All the links are available in the link in the Bio of herInstagram handle.

Instagram- @mamta_mn

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