Life Coach and Corporate Trainer, Dr Shambhu Sharma’s, Helping People Find their Happiness Quotient in Life

A life coach is someone who helps people tread on the path of finding inner happiness and satisfaction by helping them resolve their life issues by providing supportive dialogue. Dr Shambhu Sharma, aged 54, is a Life coach & Corporate Trainer who hails from the Pink City, Jaipur in Rajasthan. He is the Founder & CEO, an initiative designed to transform the lives of people by helping them balance their body, soul, money and relations via specific training programmes.

Besides performing the role of a Life Coach and Corporate trainer, Dr Shambhu is a very skilled Transformational Speaker, who has conducted over six hundred fifty seminars, transformed over two-lakh plus lives and shared his expertise with over a thousand people by means of consultation. He believes that due to the fast-paced and hectic lifestyle of humans today, the quantum of happiness in life is steadily decreasing which is the main cause for anger, stress, depression and dissatisfaction in life.

The journey of entering into this new profession of Life Coaching and Corporate Training for Dr Shambhu began at the age of 52, when he left his profession of teaching  English. Generally, people at this age plan their retirement but, an enthusiastic Dr Sharma was determined to establish his presence in this field via his venture to help business owners and their employees in particular, balance their professional work and personal life. His workshops, seminars and consultation calls are curated to drag people out of their busyness in business operations in order to live a healthy and happy life.  

His establishment provides a wide range of services curated to meet individual needs and requirements such as Motivational Seminars, Corporate Training, Mind-set Building Workshop and Life & Wellness Consultation service. In addition to this, in order to bring out a positive change in the lives of Business owners, Employees, Workers and Students, Dr Sharma helps people live a mindful and balanced life by helping them deal with Anger Management, Depression, Stress and Anxiety. He also teaches people the Art of Living with Limited Resources and helps them realise their true potential in life.

Dr Sharma believes in honesty and his venture follows certain core values such as Transparency, Reliability, Customer Centricity and Excellent Customer Service to make the experience a pleasant one, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. Dr Shambhu Sharma has furthermore established his presence over popular platforms like YouTube  and talks about various aspects of life, health and mind-set.

He has significantly transformed the lives of people from different backgrounds and also marks his presence as a guest speaker for Corporate Events, Community Meets, Product Launch Events, Conferences, Annual Meets, Important Occasions & Events, Association Meets, Training, Celebration and Education. Dr Sharma also provides Soft Skills Training to help people increase their productivity and establish command over effective communication to improve their relations and aid them in their personal journey to find the happiness quotient in life.

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