Let’s start the journey of crafting your personal brand with me and develop an
empowered image of you

We are all experts in our domain . Only a good business knowledge will not fetch more
business or clients, More people would do business with you if they trust & respect you.
Do you agree?
A great image coach will advise and improve your professional image to achieve more
business and create a profitable personal brand.
Let’s hear it from Puneet Kochhar who is a Personal Brand Building & Image Coach,
Author & Entrepreneur about creating A Personal and Professional Brand that Lasts by :
● Gaining higher wealth, respect & trust leading to high ticket clients
● Importance of personal brand building,
● Significance of non-verbal communication.
How would you describe what you do ?

I work with men to develop an empowered personal and professional image, teaching
them how to dress for success and guide them with business etiquette and
communication so they can develop their ‘ visual business card ’. With my secret
science of style , I ensure that in only 7 hours and without adopting any complicated
methods :
● People trust you instantly , Accept you as authority which leads to many benefits
in your personal & professional life .
● People give you 55 % more attention when you are talking or you have 55 %
more chance of getting your point through.
● Based on your science of style … you are able to close high ticket clients .
What is most challenging about what you do ?
Most men do not understand that :
● People buy People. If someone will not buy you , they will never buy anything
else that you are selling and be mindful of the fact that every person in this world
is selling something or the other .
● The most powerful move that you can ever make is to become a successful
personal brand which is recession proof and which no one can take away from
you .
What is most rewarding ?
Having clients tell me of their successes. I love to hear about how the new enhanced
image got them a promotion or new job or a new client or being socially accepted or
getting married to the girl of their choice . I know I make a difference for my clients and
a smiling, happy client is worth his weight in gold.
What is a common misconception people have about what you do?
I am the only one with a curated signature program of personal brand building & Image
coaching for Entrepreneurs and professionals, the most common misconception around
the subject are :
● Personal appearance does not matter.
● One must follow fashion trends.
● Dressing well costs a lot of money.
● You need a great body to look good.
● Image coaching is only for celebrities.
So who is this programme for ?
I work with professionals and entrepreneurs of all age groups . Anyone who is serious
about earning higher respect & trust, which leads to more wealth and wants to take
action now.
How can someone start his journey with you ?
Watch my free training https://puneetkochhar.com/training/ followed by booking a 45
minute FREE online orientation wherein I start with finding out your needs and
concerns. From that fact-finding phase, I will be able to determine If you are the right fit
for our program, then I will let you know about all additional details about the program .

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