Know  Your Future Health Trajectory, Decode your DNA &  Transform Your Health Life with India’s Renowned Disease Reversal Expert Dr. Usha Nair

Disease reversal is a process in which the treatment advocated is aimed not only at reducing the symptoms of the disease but also at reversing any damage done to the body as a result of it. 

Dr. Usha Nair is a renowned disease reversal expert based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, who has expertise in helping people reverse disease degradation and transform their health lives the genomics way.

She is a Certified Genomic Wellness Consultant and a Holistic Health Coach who has nearly thirty years of experience in the healthcare, hospital, and diagnostics industries in various management positions with hospitals and medical facilities in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

The disease reversal expert, holds a graduate degree in Life Sciences, a PG-Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, an MBA (Hospital & Healthcare), and is a qualified Naturopath and Registered Acupuncture Practitioner in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Apart from this, she has completed her PhD through research in Hospital Administration and a Diploma in Holistic Health Sciences.

Dr. Usha Nair is the Vice President of Corporate Alliance at Welocity Genetics, where she is actively making people aware about the Lifetime Genetics Program, a disruptive technology in healthcare. She also serves as the founder of Medix Metier Healthcare and aspires to touch the lives of 11,000 individuals, providing them with immense health benefits by decoding their genetic code over the next 3 years. As a result, Dr. Usha aspires to save over a million lives by 2030 by raising awareness about genomics technology and assisting people worldwide in living a medicine free life.

Her endeavour entails helping people understand their future health trajectory through gene profiling and saving thousands of rupees on current &/or future medical and hospital bills. Dr. Usha has been practising the Science of Nutrigenomics to help people stay healthy by understanding their DNA for over past 6 & ½ years now.

Apart from this, she is India’s first author to have written a book on the Science of Nutrigenomics and is the only author globally to have real-life Indian testimonials and stories in her book, providing evidence on the efficacy of the use of  the science to the world. Her second book, Phases Toward a Medicine-Free Life, is due out in 3–4 months.

Besides working in the complementary and alternative therapies space since 1996, Dr. Usha is a registered acupuncturist with the Maharashtra Acupuncture Council, as well as an Executive Committee Member who is actively trying to integrate Acupuncture practises into the Science of Nutrigenomics.

In addition, Dr. Usha is a trained and Certified Meditation Teacher and is deeply involved with the Art Of Living besides pursuing a high-end therapy known as Craniosacral Therapy, also through the Art of Living. She has also been bestowed with the title of Honorary Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute, Lucknow since 1998.

A trainer and soon-to-be TedX Speaker, Dr. Usha is an ardent student of Dr. Meher Master-Moos and has learned the energy healing techniques apart from acupuncture, acupressure, sujok, chakras, meditation techniques, naturopathy, and numerous related non-invasive therapies, including aura and energy medicine. She hopes to extend her service to more and more people through her involvement in social impact CSR initiatives with NGOs and special initiatives with the International Human Rights Council as a Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

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