Keeping it natural is the secret ingredient of social media says DigiCrest Media

DigiCrest Media

DigiCrest Media– Started in 2020 when COVID 19 was at its peak, DigiCrest Media, a social media marketing agency from Mumbai, is aiming to change the way you market your brand digitally. Founded by a brother-sister duo, Mittal Parab and Amol Parab, the agency has worked its way strongly into the SME market.

“Social media is changing and so should change the way we market brands on it” says Amol Parab, who works in the capacity of CEO. As per him, people are aware enough to know the difference between marketed and organic content. Placing your brand content right between the two is the key to successful social media marketing. 

The DigiCrest Mantra:

Create. Engage. Sustain is the Mantra by which DigiCrest Media functions. Their co-founders firmly believe in the “AUM” methodology of working that involves, “Analysis, Understanding and Marketing.”

This methodology in fact is what has assisted them to help many brands carve out a niche for themselves in the social media universe. With an experience of working with small enterprises and start-ups from a plethora of industries, the agency now has an understanding of which formula works where. 

This gives them the confidence to challenge the odds and place their strongest bet on their own, unique was of doing social media marketing that is guaranteed to attain results in terms of reach, engagement and virality, says Amol Parab. 

The Secret Ingredient:

As per DigiCrest, Social media is the place where you can’t really sell. It is that place where you need to establish a connection initially. Once that is done, you need to tell a story via your content.

It is a place where your content needs to keep the users intrigued and hooked on to your brand. But the key to this type of storytelling is the one that stays inside the lockers of the DigiCrest.

As per Mittal Parab, almost all of their clients have found a perfect solution to their problem of lower engagement and reach by going the DigiCrest way. “Trusting your agency is the most important part of taking an agency on board” is what Amol says. 

While the brands may want to express their wants and expectations, DigiCrest Media states that brands need to also understand that the Agency comes with an experience of working on a multi-brand front and hence, at times can provide solutions that are not in the books but are effective in nature. 

The Journey so far:

DigiCrest Media completed 2 years in this very August. The agency has grown multi-fold from a brother-sister manned and managed agency to a full service agency employing adequate teams to sustain a clientele of about 100 clients. 

Based out of Mumbai, the agency comes with a vision to provide premium digital marketing solutions to start-ups and Small-Medium enterprises who usually cannot afford expensive digital marketing retainers of A-list agencies. 

The co-founder and Creative Director Mittal Parab is an electronics engineer and a passionate artist. The co-founder and CEO Amol Parab is a BMM Advertising grad and a MBA in Marketing who heads the business side of the agency. 

Together, the duo is set on a long road to reform the way you look at social media and are a firm believer of their vision.

Dr Sanjay Lunia

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