“Kaṉavai vitaikkalām” by R. Selvakannan

About the author:  The author R.Selvakkannan is working as the headmaster of  a Government School. He has 28 years of experience in education.  where the school he is currently working did not have any basic facilities when he joined.With the help of donors, he got a donation of Rs.90 Lakhs and totally changed the face of the school. He got ISO 9001:2015  International quality certificate for his school. Through this book, he shares with us the experience of turning the school into a school that won the 5 S certificate of Japan for workplace management  which no other government school in India has received.

  1. Can you tell us a little about your book?

This book is written to share my 28 years’ experience as a headmaster of a government school.

It is very useful to other headmasters to improve their schools.

2.Is there a specific event that inspired this story or was this an out of the blue idea?

The experiences I got through three head teachers who were role models for me have inspired me to become like them and I have created a best school in Tamilnadu.

3. What got you writing in the first place?

I have shared my work experience in hundreds of head teacher’s meetings. I think that if everyone wants to have these experiences, it is possible only through books.

4. What was your impression of your first draft when you read it?

I was very happy to see my writing in book form. I hope that it will definitely give a good experience to the readers who are going to read it.

5. Which part of your story connects the most with you? Why?

Headmaster Work Experience. Because I have been working as a headmaster for 20 years during my tenure.

6. What makes your book the one to read?

Government school is the only place where marginal students get education. There is no doubt that this book will serve as a guide for those who want to make the school fully equipped.

7. What was the best advice you got while writing?

The book should be an exciting experience for the readers. We should give them the incentive to do the same.

8.who’s your all-time favorite author? Which book of his/hers made you fall in love with them?

Author – Kalki /Novel PONNIYIN SELVAN

9.What is your evergreen tip to the writers out there?

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10.What was your hardest scene to write?


11. Do you have another plot brewing?

Yes. Part 2 of this Biography and another one

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9357760954?ref=myi_title_dp

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