JARATKARU…an untold story of first genocide of Aryawarta”

Dr Priya is a practising homoeopath , flower remedy practitioner , excellent orator, and has written award winning short stories in Marathi.

JARATKARU gives a new perspective towards history.

It raises questions like how it could be possible that the King of Hastinapur named his Prince as Duryodhan? Dhritrashtra named his son Suyodhan,  Sushasan …history always written by the winners and they wrote it as per their convenience .

JARATKARU deeply helps you to know the history of Naga’s, who they were, what their contribution was to mankind. The author did thorough research on it. 

In Himalaya, W. Bengal Goddess Mansa Devi is worshipped. JARATKARU became Goddess Mansa later in her life . The journey is penned effectively by the author. Captivating story of vengeance and selflessness. Defeated people have no history is the universal truth and this truth is written by Dr Priya Dandage. JARATKARU throws light on Naga’s genocide by mighty king Janmejaya. Never written part of Mahabharta effectively portrayed in this book.

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Let’s dive into author’s insights:-

Q1. Tell us about your book?

Ans- Mahabharta was first recited on the land of Sarpsatra Yagya . What was it? It was a first genocide to kill all the Naga’s . Who were the Nagas? …i was equally curious , i read about it ..done research and connected the dots . It is my perception, the human side of the story. How a Naga Princess Jaratkaru became Goddess Mansa..? The author has to think beyond the information ,  words…Human perspective should be considered of any mythology . In the history of Indian literature, for the first time forgotten hero Jaratkaru is portrayed by me.

JARATKARU was a Naga princess and sacrificed her life for her clan. The fiction is based on Adiparv of Mahabharta . It’s a story of sacrifice,selflessness and devotion.

Arjuna burned down Khandav Vana and destroyed the lives of the Nagas. Naga King Takshaka avenged Khandav Vana ‘s loss by killing King Parikshita. King Janmejaya , son of Parikshita vovwed to kill all the Nagas and commenced Sarpsatra. Princess Jaratkaru stood against King Janmejaya and married a sage Jaratkaru to save helpless Nagas.

3. Why did you write this book?

Ans- In the history, the contribution of many Kshatriya and Brahmin women was appreciated like Kunti, Draupadi, Seeta ,Ahalaya but nobody has written about Naga King Vasuki’s sister , Naga Princess Jaratkaru. I was and am  extremely curious about Mahabharta. I used to talk about a subject as an orator…who was  the real villain of Mahabharta? Who was responsible for the Kurukshetra war? ..Mahabharta always fascinates me and I found out the story of  Jaratkaru , Astika and Sage Jaratkaru. It grabbed my mind . I took a further step to write a fiction about her life . How a Princess has become a Goddess…it’s a tribute to every oppressed person on the earth.

4. What is your inspiration in writing this book?

Ans-  My mother, a Sanskrit teacher, was my inspiration ,she insisted that I  should  write about Jaratkaru . Along with my mother, many women from real life inspired me to write this novel.

5. Can you tell us more about your inspiration?

Ans- I am working with an NGO Swayamsidha and encountered various empowered women . They might not achieve a big dream however they are heroes by all means.They were from rural, underprivileged backgrounds , less educated . They never ever lost their way and fought for their existence . They are teasellers, farmers, caterers , tailors, small business owners, winning every step , dealing with every obstacle. They might not be big performers  but they never decided to quit. I have written  stories about their life journey. They all inspired me to write Jaratkaru!

6. What message do you want to give the readers through your book?

Ans- My book gives you a message especially to women , never give up! Don’t limit yourself. Explore your own journey . Find out your purpose in life. What Jaratkaru did! Do your duties but never forget that you are a different individual having your own identity !

Link to Dr. Priya’s book

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